Simplicity, but not primitivism
World compassion, not world rejection
Practicality, not utopianism
Service, not self-indulgence
Love of God, not materialism
Kindness, respect, and an open heart to all”

– Swami Kriyananda

Have you ever dreamed of realising a better world for us all to live in? Take a look at our library of beautiful resources to help you make your vision a personal, practical… and global… reality!

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Explore our expansive fundraising initiatives, implementing high-conscious change and making Hope a reality.

Every week we want practice together a specific technique to help manifest our highest potential and contribute to the creation of a better world for all.

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Live your Spirituality.
Change the World.

Explore the different soul-qualities below and let your true Self shine!

Live in Security

Feeling rooted, grounded, secure. Living with purpose. Strength and commitment to your ideals. Spirituality as the foundation of Life.

Live in Fluidity

Moving with Life’s flow; relaxing, trusting the Divine. Faith. Joyful relationships; exploring our creativity; the art of living.

Live with Inner Strength

Energy, vigour, vitality. A passion for life and for living. The strength and courage to choose happiness, no matter what.

Live in Divine Love

Open-hearted living. Steadfastly loving. Devotion, calm feeling, hope and healing. Sharing. Seeing one’s Self in all. The courage to live your Truth.

Live in Expansion

Expanding awareness. Living from our centre outwards. True communication. Creating spiritual networks. Deep peace and harmonious connection. Purity.

Live with Clarity

Spiritualising daily life. Attunement, clarity, originality. Acceptance. Surrender. Living with integrity and in Truth. Being an example; empowering others. Awakening.

Live in Union

Transcending limitations. Living your potential. Embracing oneness. Relating compassionately to the whole world. Living beyond ego-identifications. Self-Realisation. Unity. Bliss.

Live in Security

‘Unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.’

When we feel rooted and secure in ourselves our sense of belonging blossoms. Who we truly are shines forth as we share our inner strength and practicality with others. In feeling nurtured and encouraged, our hearts become grounded in an expansive love that we, in turn, can pass on to all beings.

Live with Fluidity

‘I open to the flow of God’s Life within me.’

Trusting in the goodness of Life transforms our experience, and that of those around us. As we relax and accept, moving through the world with faith and flexibility, we see the wondrous beauty and creativity in the world, and within ourselves. We offer our energy in service to this grace through our original self-expression.

Live with Inner Strength

‘I joyfully manifest the power of God.’

Our inner spiritual warrior awakens and we dance fearlessly with the Divine, joyfully greeting and embracing all that Life has to offer us. We move with strength and courage through the world. Our fiery self-control enables us to choose happiness, always, and to share it. Our inner Light shines bright!

Live in Expansion

‘I am the sky.’

Our awareness expands as our consciousness elevates. We show up in the world with calm inner certainty and create harmony in our relationships with all beings, expressing the pure Light of who we are. Maintaining deep and joy-affirming connections with soul-friends everywhere is natural and energising as we become ever-more a channel of peace.

Live with Clarity

‘I awake in Thy Light!’

Living in the Light becomes our way; every step is guided by grace and Truth our polestar: our consciousness is attuned to and anchored in the Divine. Living in a state of Self-offering, that which we are shines brighter as we accept Life completely and begin to awaken to the Truth that we are One with all.

Live in Union

‘Centre everywhere, circumference nowhere.’

Joyful living is natural as we transcend our limitations and realise the Divine birthright the Masters and great ones promise us! Dharmic (righteous) living is our way; each moment an opportunity to serve the Light and share our bliss. Our soul-expression manifests without limitations as we experience the unity of world brotherhood – every soul of every race, culture and religion free to be themselves.

Ananda's Projects

Ananda’s mission is to consciously manifest a new and better world, not only through our commitment as individuals to our inner-work, but also through our expansive and uplifting projects which will shape a new tomorrow!

At this moment in time, collectively we all have a special opportunity: to actively contribute, each one of us, to the building of a new world; to create a global community, a spiritual family who, although spread far and wide geographically, is united completely in heart and soul.

Here are the ways in which we are manifesting this vision outwardly and making it a reality!

Ananda Sangha Europe

Ananda Sangha Europe is dedicated to sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda across Europe and beyond, making accessible the universal message of Self-Realisation and the practices of Kriya Yoga for all souls who feel called to explore and live them. Read more

Temple of Joy

Dedicated to the joyful discipline of Kriya Yoga as transmitted to the West through the ray of the Kriya Yoga Masters and Swami Kriyanada, The Temple of Joy was conceived to be a place where all souls could experience true inner bliss and be inspired to share their renewed uplifted vibrations with others! Read more  

Ananda Sangha Europe: Online Community

Our Online Community will help to further unite our spiritual family, allowing people from across Europe (and from around the world!) to connect deeply and live their truth together, experiencing life in an Ananda community wherever they may be geographically. Read more

Community Development: World Brotherhood Village

Ananda Communities embody Paramhansa Yogananda’s ideal of ‘Colonies for world brotherhood where family, friends, work and the general environment lead to spiritual development’. Ananda residents share this ideal of ‘Plain Living and High thinking’ and seek to consciously live it through their personal everyday lives and through community expansion. Read more

The Ananda Assisi Centre

The first residential Ananda centre to be established in Europe over 30 years ago, the Ananda Assisi retreat continues to serve as the principal European point of reference for the many souls who attend seminars and training courses each year, deepening their understanding of Yogananda’s teachings and learning how to actively apply them in their daily lives for the upliftment of all.  Read more

Yogananda Edizioni

Ensuring the dissemination and legacy of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, the founder of Ananda, is the essential mission of Yogananda Edizioni, dedicated to enabling their authentic rays of light and wisdom to flourish and inspire generations to come. Read more

Community Development: Agriculture

Returning to the land is a central aspect of Yogananda’s teachings. Our agricultural projects include our organic farm, Terre di Luce, and our new land, where we are committed to increasing production with 100% sustainable systems, permaculture and biodiversity. Read more  

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