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AUM Chanting of the Ananda Joy Choir - Jai Jupiter!

October 1, 2021

Yesterday was the AUM Day: For 12h we kept continuous AUM Chanting going in one place in the community and people could come and go as they wished and immerse themselves in the cosmic sound. This is part of a new initiative for the next 6 weeks called "Jai Giove!" that you can read about below. So we did a very spontaneous video yesterday at choir rehearsal singing waves of AUM to share the amazing blessing and power of the AUM Chanting with all of you! Close your eyes and listen!

**Jai Jupiter! - 6 weeks in the Light**

From the 27th of September to the 7th of November astrologically Jupiter enters a difficult moment and such also for us here on earth could be a challenging moment, such we decided to dedicate these 6 weeks to spiritual practices that create a strong magnetism, protection and expansion to send light and positive energy into the world at this moment! Every Thursday there will be 12h Mantra Chanting in live-streaming so you all can tune in and strengthen the vibrations of peace and harmony that are sent into the world!