Right beneath the flesh is a tremendous current. By the pickaxes of Self-realization, I have found that Life Force again. I and my Father are One. I am not the flesh. I am a bundle of electricity behind this body.

Cosmic Energy is within and around you, recharging the body at all times with vitality. You can call on that eternal supply to make the body fit in every respect. A perfect body, free from disease, presents less resistance to the practices for attaining Self-realization. Most exercises stimulate only the muscles and thus the animal consciousness, not the subtle nature. Now you will learn how to concentrate on your Life Energy and will power, and to experience your subtle spiritual nature. Life and strength do not depend solely on food or exercise, but are sustained from the powers within. A dead man cannot be brought back to life by filling him with nourishing food, nor can he become strong by artificially making him exercise with dumbbells—because his Life Energy is absent.

Our thoughts, will, feeling, muscular strength, proper action of organs and glands—all depend for their existence on the Life Force. Billions of body cells are kept alive and properly working through this secret vital power.The human body is surrounded by a halo of conscious Cosmic Energy. Through vibrations of Cosmic Energy, God’s intelligence supplies our bodies with Life Force. The medulla oblongata, the “mouth of God,” is the antenna that receives energy from Cosmic Consciousness.

By consciously willing, you can draw Life Energy into the body through the medulla oblongata to replenish the energy that is expended through thoughts, feelings, and physical activities. The will bridges the gulf between Life Energy in the body and the Cosmic Energy surrounding it. If you follow these teachings, you will learn to draw on Cosmic Life Energy to vitalize every body cell. You will experience yourself as Life Energy—and not merely as a body of bones and muscles.

Exercising with will and concentration draws energy directly into the body. This energy is quickly absorbed by the muscles, blood, bones, and sinews for cellular rejuvenation. The Yogoda exercises give the highest degree of energy with the least tissue destruction.

The greater the will, the greater the flow of Life Energy. Angry men and angry animals manifest abnormal strength. This abnormal strength is not due to their muscles growing stronger during the short period of their anger. Their will, stimulated by anger, causes an extra flow of Life Energy or strength into their bodies.

You should depend more and more on the limitless supply of Cosmic Energy, and less and less on other sources of energy. Eating all the time will make your body get old more quickly. The only way to keep the body rejuvenated is to unite human consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.

The mind must never be hypnotized by human limitations of sickness, old age, and death, but should constantly, inwardly remember: “I am the Infinite, which has become the body. The body as a manifestation of Spirit is ever youthful.”

How to Recharge the Body with Energy

First, lift your arm and then drop it. What lifted your arm? Will power and energy. Now close your eyes. Can you lift your arm without willing to do so? Can will power alone do it? No. It requires both will power and energy. Will power is the switch that controls the flow of energy.

But do you know how will power and energy do this? The answer is: by flowing into the different parts of the body. We want healthy muscles, bones, marrow, blood, and tissues; in each of these the energy is like a battery. Just as an automobile battery needs both electricity and distilled water to keep it alive, so the body battery needs recharging with life force through the medulla, as well as food and other physical means of sustaining life. Electricity changes distilled water into the force that recharges an automobile battery, and Life Energy converts oxygen, solids, and liquids into the force that keeps us alive. Foods have come from this Life Energy, and when you put them into your stomach they must again be converted into energy to be used by the body. Your supply of energy depends on the chemicals you take into the body and on the energy taken in through the medulla.

Energy and Will Power

Lift your right arm parallel to the ground with upturned palm. Hold it there. Note that a certain amount of will and energy holds your arm in this position. If you remove the will power from the uplifted right arm, the arm will fall, drawn by gravity, and will hang by your side. The arm will also fall if the energy is withdrawn. Now raise your right arm and tense it as much as is required to hold an imaginary weight of five pounds. Then tense it in order to hold an increased imaginary weight of ten pounds. Tense it still further to hold an imaginary weight of fifteen pounds. Now relax and drop your arm. Whether holding an actual or an imaginary weight of five pounds, you have to will to hold it and you have to use an appropriate amount of energy necessary to hold it. Similarly, when you will to hold an increased weight of ten or fifteen pounds, you increase your will power and the amount of energy sent to the arm in order to hold the greater weight. This experiment of lifting imaginary weights proves that an act of pure consciousness, or will, produces actual energy in a body part. Will power is the invisible switch of consciousness that sends energy to any body part and produces tension in that part. It is a physiological fact that the more we apply will to a particular spot of the body, the greater is the flow of the electric nerve current to that spot, and the stronger is the muscular movement caused thereby.

By imagining that you are sending energy to the right arm, you may succeed in sending a faint current there, but by will power you perceptibly send energy. By willing to energize the right arm, you arouse energy felt as power, and you create tension in the muscles. 

Will is the prime factor in creating changes in the flow of energy to muscles or to any body parts. You discover the great relationship between will and energy: “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.”

An Exercise Using Tension

Sit on a chair. Tense the whole body and then relax, keeping the body motionless. Then bend forward with arms down and, clasping your hands together, hold an imaginary cord tied to an imaginary weight of twenty-five pounds. Now send enough will power and energy to lift twenty-five pounds one inch from the ground—tensing the hands, forearms, upper arms, then chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, legs, and feet. Now use more tension and continue lifting the weight higher: two inches, six inches, one foot. It is very heavy.

Then drop your imaginary weight and sit back in your chair, relaxed and motionless.

When you grow stronger, lift imaginary weights of thirty to forty pounds—try to employ the exact amount of tension required to lift an imaginary weight of a certain number of pounds. Then relax. (The best way to know the exact amount of energy required to lift an imaginary weight is to lift the actual weight and feel how much will and energy are required.)

Degrees of Tension and Relaxation

Tension results when energy is sent by will power to any muscle. There are varying degrees of tension, depending on the amount of energy sent to the muscles. We shall consider the three degrees of low, medium, and high tension. Low tension is a small amount of energy; medium is more; and high is as much as possible. The withdrawal of energy from the muscles is called relaxation. This may also be in three stages or degrees, resulting in partial or complete relaxation. During relaxation, pay attention to the gradual withdrawal of energy and loosening of muscles. (“Relax and feel.”) With tension, energy can be drawn into the body, and by relaxation withdrawn from it.

In lifting your arm you have to tense the muscles that raise your arm. The purpose of tension and relaxation is to dissociate life force and mind from the consciousness of the body. When that is accomplished, the will and life force actually own the whole body and can, through their healing rays, remove chronic defects from any body part.


An Inexhaustible Supply of Life Energy

Mental unwillingness always brings a lack of bodily energy, while willingness always brings a fresh supply of energy. From these facts we see the subtle relationship between energy and will power.

The special psychophysical technique of Yogoda enables one to connect the specific life current existing in the medulla oblongata with the Cosmic Life Energy that surrounds and permeates the body, thus insuring an inexhaustible supply.

Never say, “I am tired.” Work willingly. As you work, feel the eternal energy flowing in you ceaselessly.

Each person wishes to be great in his own field, but often he cannot realize his wish. Why? Because people have no control over their bodies. Yogoda enables one to scientifically control all parts of the body, limbs, muscles, vocal organs, etc. Yogoda keeps muscles and tissues and the whole body disciplined, awake, and ever ready to act according to the directions of the Emperor Will.

Yogoda is the result of years of research and experiment. It is entirely simple and practicable; it is quickly learned and easily applied. Its effects are vital and “upbuilding” to a degree hitherto unknown. As Yogoda becomes known and practiced, it is bound to prove one of the greatest boons ever conferred on mankind.


Affirmation to Practice after All Yogoda Exercises

Eternal Energy! Awaken within me conscious will, conscious vitality, conscious health. Good will to all, vitality to all, good health to all. Eternal Energy! By Thy Power I know that in tension I put forth energy into the body and in relaxation I withdraw it. I am a tenant in the body sent here by Thy Grace to rule it, but never to be identified with it. Eternal Energy! Impart to me spiritual patience that I may regularly practice the exercises both morning and night to the best of my ability. Eternal youth of body and mind, abide in me forever, forever, forever! My mind, awake! Sleep no more, awake! Sleep no more, wake, sleep no more! Peace! Peace! Peace! I am strong, I am strength, I am healthy, I am health, I am successful, I am success, I am blessed, I am bliss, I am peaceful, I am peace, I am Immortal, I am Immortality. Peace, Bliss, Peace!


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