My name is Shiva Massimo Anselma. I have been a disciple and Kriyaban since 2001 and I deal with Naturopathy and inner healing.

About four years ago I came back to live at Ananda with my two daughters after having spent some years in Piedmont.

Shiva Massimo Anselma

The truth is that here, together with people who share a search for God, my soul is happier and more inspired. The natural flow of joy and intuition is greater and unconditional. Even during these past two years in which our planet has faced great difficulties, I witnessed how joy and creativity know no limits if they are offered up to a higher good and to God.

For a long time I felt the need to use flower therapy in a more spiritual context. Since I have always had a strong desire to contribute to the well-being of people, about three years ago I was allured by the flowering Thyme that I then transformed into an essence. The perseverance, magnificently expressed in this plant, became so permeating that I couldn’t help but make way for a new reality to come to light.

The Line of FIORI SANTI floral essences

The line of FIORI SANTI (Sacred flowers) floral essences comes from the spiritual blessings of our Guru and Saint Francis. The flowers used are indigenous to these sacred hills and possess the strong and luminous spiritual vibration that makes this area unique and uplifting.

The intention of this floral family is to verticalize the holistic concept of well-being and healing and to direct it toward a more spiritual awareness. The aim in verticalizing is to raise one’s energy in the spine in order to experience the well-being that is required there. We know that what happens in the spiritual eye is clear and transformative, and by taking these essences in the awareness of the presence of God, in contact with him, the transformation is profound and lasting in the soul.

FIORI SANTI is, therefore, an awareness of the “positive qualities of the Divine spirit” that these essences embody; from light to perseverance, from strength to calmness, from kindness to love, just to name a few.
Each flower was tested the first time at a Kriya meditation during which time the flower’s message came to me in a clear and uplifting way.

The birth and experimentation of FIORI SANTI is such a blessing!

Aristotle wrote that what comes first in nature, comes later in man, and vice-versa. This clear explanation is fundamental. Let’s take Sage, for example: before it has a scent, before it is green, before it is a seed, a light, an idea, it is in God’s heart – the quality of unconditional forgiveness.

And like Sage, so it is with the joyful light of Helichrysum, the deep calmness of Lemon Balm, the humble kindness of Mallow, the upliftment of Topinambour, the transcendence of Basil, and so on.

The spirit of the Saint from Assisi and of the Masters permeates this floral mission as a Divine fragrance.

Much love,
Shiva Massimo Anselma