The candle of peace

Take the bowl of my mind and fill it with Thy understanding.

Take my bottle of emotion and fill it with Thy mercy.

Take the empty basket of my Soul and fill it with Thy Fragrant Wisdom.

Use my life’s vessel to dip cupfuls of Thy Love
and pour them into the desire-parched throats of others.

Break the walls of my love and flood me with Thy Omnipresence.

‘Tis the streak of love’s dawn peeping
through the little opening fissure of my heart,

Which bespeaks of the sunlight of Thy Love spreading
over the dark dungeon of my indifference.

The darkness of my love is lit by the gentle luminosity of Thy Love.

The empty hall of my Soul is illumined by the light of Thy Spirit.

Thou are the Life behind my body, the intelligence behind my mind,
the love behind my feeling, the wisdom behind my ignorance.

With the little taper of my love I may read Thy Golden Book,
which lay age-long hidden in me.

Thy love has been the invisible Candle of Peace dispelling my darkness,

And showing me Thy secret messages written on the pages of all hearts.

Candle of peace

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