Just behind the atmosphere, just behind the sunshine, just behind the pulse of our cells, just behind the throb of our hearts, just behind our thoughts with which we pray, just behind our love, O Infinite, make us realize that Thou are the only thing we crave. Make us realize that Thou art not only in the farthest star, but that Thou are twinkling in our thoughts, sparkling in our feelings, and vitalizing our will.

Take away all veils that hide Thee. Come, Father, come, take away all the veils that hide Thee. No more behind the indifferent veil of Nature, no more behind the obscure veil of matter, no more behind the veil of minds, no more behind the veil of souls will I perceive Thee, but behind my devotion, behind my tender perceptions, behind my inmost soul Thou art evermore.

Thou art our Father, we are Thy children. Teach us to love Thee as Jesus loved, as Mohammet loved, and as Christna and our great Gurus loved Thee. O God, teach us to love Thee with the intoxicating love of the saints, that we may realize that Thou are the ocean and our love is the wave. Teach us no more to pray with words, but with our souls. Father, break Thy vow of silence. Speak to us through our thoughts.

Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved God, one by one I close the doors of the senses lest the perfume of the rose or the song of the nightingale distract my love for Thee. I invoke Thy Presence. May all men realize Thy nearness, O God, maker of our tenderest thoughts. Make us in Thy image. We offer Thee our adoration, our soul yearnings. May Thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of our devotion, and may we be able to awaken Thy love in all hearts.

Peace, Joy, Peace.

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