Your Kriya initiation is the beginning of a glorious journey, one which is enriched by the support of your Kriya brothers and sisters. Whenever you feel the need for encouragement, or to clarify something about your practice, or have a desire to experience deeper and more joyful Kriya meditations, visit this area of the Online Community. This portion of the site is securely protected, and requires a specific login. When you are registered, you will be able to see the large selection of resources, including written, audio and video instruction and inspiration, guided meditations and satsangs.


Talks on Kriya

Video and audio talks by Swami Kriyananda and other Kriyacharyas from Ananda throughout the world.


Articles of interest to Kriyabans written by Swami Kriyananda and other ministers of Ananda.

Guided Kriyaban Meditations

Saturday mornings are dedicated to a one-hour guided Kriya meditation, followed by a half-hour satsang during which submitted questions will be addressed by the Kriyacharyas. They will be posted on this site for later viewing as well.

How to Improve Your Practice

Here you find Kriya workshops, intensives and retreats held over the years by Swami Kriyananda and more recently by other Kriyacharyas in the US, Italy and India.

Moksha Kutir Live

Meditate in Swamiji’s bedroom on the live cam. The live cam will be active every day from 20.00 until the following morning at 06.00, except on the rare occasion when an activity is being held there during that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to many of the most common questions on Kriya Yoga and discipleship. The answers have been mostly taken from Swami Kriyananda’s talks or from question and answers sessions.

Newsletters for Kriyabans

Inspiring Kriyaban Newsletters have been published since 2009. Each month the current one will be posted, together with an historic one from the same month in a past year.


Take a Course at the Retreat

Join one of our courses at the Ananda Retreat in Assisi. Several times a year the retreat offers special courses for Kriyabans to deepen your practice of Kriya and give you renewed inspiration.