Beyond all laws and regulations, Ananda Sangha is a joyful spiritual family, members of which live in cities and towns around the continent. Spiritual friendship and support have no bounds or boundaries: we are united in our journey to Self-realization.

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Spreading the Teachings of Kriya and Self-realization in Europe

This is Ananda Sangha’s main mission. Especially in times of world crises or personal difficulties, the teachings and practices of Self-realization are an ideal way to see yourself and circumstances from a calm, inner center and an elevated perspective. Some of the means we use in spreading these teachings are those here below. – the Online Ananda Europe Spiritual Family

For many people, Ananda Sangha is a spiritual lifeline. Inspiration from the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda and the wisdom of his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, combine with classes, satsangs, courses and guided practices offered by their spiritual descendants.

Nourishing this website with daily inspiration is one of the major focuses for the Sangha staff. Archival videos of talks by Swami Kriyananda and senior Ananda teachers are discovered, technically improved and posted. Live broadcasts are updated daily. Articles from the writings of our spiritual lineage are published here, as well as blogs by devotees from around Europe that share experiences and insights.

An important priority is making these resources available in many languages. If you are able to help in this endeavor, contact

Daily activities

Many live and recorded programs are broadcast nearly every day. The Calendar of events on the home page keeps you updated. Live broadcasts are usually available on Facebook – Ananda Live; and on the Ananda Europe YouTube channel.

Live and Recorded Guided Meditations

So devotees can start and end their day with meditation, sessions are either live or pre-recorded for beginners, experienced meditators, and for Kriyabans. There are also live and recorded sessions of the Energization Exercises and Ananda Yoga, led by various teachers.

Sundays and Celebrations

The traditional Sunday morning satsang is broadcast live from the Temple of Light, in both Italian and English. Also broadcast are kirtans, the Masters’ birthday and mahasamadhi day celebrations, Christmas, Easter, Shivaratri, Gurupurnima and other special moments.

Support for Kriya initiates

From the time one chooses to follow the path of Kriya, until your initiation and beyond, Ananda’s Kriya teachers (Kriyacharyas) support you through individual contact, preparation courses, guided practices, initiation ceremonies and retreats, articles, blogs and Newsletters. Live Kriya satsangs and retreats are arranged for various groups, in various languages.

A special section of this website is dedicated to Kriyaban support. It includes Lessons, Newsletters, Initiation talks, technique reviews, questions and answers and more. If you are a Kriyaban and would like to have access to this reserved section, click here.

In recent years there have been six Kriya initiations annually at Ananda Assisi, and other initiations, Kriya retreats, and Kriya preparation programs in Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Serbia, England, Czech Republic and Russia.

Many of the Kriya programs are now being made available online, including a series of courses which leads to initiation on The Path of Kriya Yoga.

Support for Disciples

Sangha offers advice, resources and arranges for discipleship initiation ceremonies for those who are interested in following the path of Kriya. Personal counselling, newsletters and preparation courses are available.

Meditation Groups

Sangha supports nearly 100 groups in Europe, visiting them when possible, arranging online programs for them on request, offering leadership and teacher training, and helping devotees who want to establish a group.


Sangha offers, through the Ananda Ministers, Lightbearers and Kriyacharyas, various levels of initiation on the path of Kriya, as well as organizing and officiating at weddings, wedding vow renewal for married couples, baptisms, astral ascension and funerals services.


Your donation blesses many lives

Whatever you are able to contribute helps create a powerful magnetism that will in many subtle ways uplift humanity’s consciousness. And giving also brings joy back to the giver. As Swami Kriyananda says: “People who gladly share with others feel themselves bathed by a constant, inner stream of happiness.

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