Receiving We spoke extensively about donating – how important it is and how it can help us to expand our consciousness.  When we donate, we definitely activate generosity magnetism, then the Universe answers with the same generosity by sending us its gifts. These could be monetary gifts, or they could come in differents forms: for example, we could received something … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda

New Hopes for the New Year

The New Year has come to greet you with new hopes, new determination, new will-to-achieve, new activities. In the Temple of the New Year renew your reverence for the unlimited hidden power of God within you. The trails of trials and the yawning chasms of woe have been left behind in the dark night of the past–now you are entering … Read More


From the Gift of Compassion
to The Gift of Light

From the Gift of Compassion to The Gift of Light « Away in a manger No crib for a bed The little Lord Jesus Laid down His sweet head… » This Christmas carol sings in my head as I set out the creche next to where our Christmas tree will soon stand. It’s a beautiful creche, bought in the streets of … Read More

Karma Yoga - Service

Service to Others

Service to others From the numerous texts that Yogananda passed on to us, one of the themes that he always very deeply addressed is selfless service to others. Let’s play a game and imagine ourselves before the Master who is speaking to us. Just as in interviews, we will be the ones to ask questions, using the letter D, and … Read More