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Music As Meditation

Music as Meditation “Where has My Love Gone – A Mystical Love Song” As a child, my mother encouraged us towards the arts. I played the flute, the oboe and took piano lessons for less than a year when I was just 7 years old. I never really learned how to read music, I mostly played by ear and I … Read More

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Whisper and Art:
I Will Wait for Thee

I Will Wait for Thee In the corner of my heart I have a mystic throne for Thee. The candles of my joys are dimly lighted in the hope of Thy coming. They will burn brighter when Thou appearest. Whether Thou comest or not, I will wait for Thee until my tears melt away all material grossness. To please Thee … Read More

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Whisper and Art:
I Want to Build a Rainbow-Bridge of Self-Realization

???? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????????? ???? ????????????????????????????-???????????????????????? ???????? ????????????????-???????????????????????????????????????????? The gulf of ages lay between Thee and me, widening as the waters of my oblivion of Thee grew through centuries. I stand on this rocky shore of matter, gazing out over the gulf, hoping to see, beyond, Thy smooth shores of peace. My inner thought‐architects will build for me a bridge … Read More

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How to Make your Life Creative?

When they asked me to write something on the subject of creativity, I immediately exclaimed, “Oh no, what could I say about that”. It’s difficult to explain a thing that I have always lived with since it is, for me, absolutely normal to be creative. Sadly I often hear it said, “But I’m not creative”.  It’s a mistake to say … Read More

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Home is a Green Hill

Aaryan and Vinaya perform HOME IS A GREEN HILL, by Swami Kriyananda This song calls us to our real home within, in the silence of our own soul. As this prayerful silence becomes our second nature, we can truly feel home everywhere, at any time and under all circumstances.

Music & Art

Art as a Tool for Accessing Creativity

Hope for a Better World Yogananda taught that a better world cannot come from outer changes of political ideology, social or economic systems. Solutions generated on the same level of consciousness as the problem can only bandage. Real change comes from the evolution of our consciousness. We are in the midst of a seismic change – not just of our … Read More

Music & Art

Whisper + Art: Demand to Set Fire to the Forest of Darkness

I built a fire of devotion in the dark forest of delusion. Alas! the fire only smoldered. Then Thou didst come and set fire to a few of my frailties. That fire quickly spread on, consuming the bushes of my prickly desires, my tall, towering vanities, and the thick underbrush of my arrogance. The whole forest of my darkness is … Read More

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The Hound of Heaven

“He who created us yearns for our love… And we shall never be happy until we give it.” Paramhansa Yogananda In her book, The Flawless Mirror, in which she records her twenty-seven-year association with her guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, Kamala Silva writes: “One Christmas, Master gave me a lovely printing of ‘The Hound of Heaven’ by Francis Thompson. On long-past occasions … Read More

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We Sang for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican

One the most memorable times of living at Ananda Assisi was when the World Brotherhood Choir sang at the Vatican on Wednesday, March 8, 1989. After celebrating Paramhansa Yoganandaji’s Mahasamadhi on the previous day, community felt a deep blessing as we caravanned to Rome to share Master’s and Swami Kriyananda’s songs as a vibrational-offering for the Spiritual Unity of All … Read More

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How I Paint