Spiritual Growth

The Propelled Heart

In my early forties, quite unexpectedly, I felt propelled to have my Dutch university degree recognized here in Italy. I immediately acted upon this unforeseen objective and fearlessly challenged the labyrinth of this country’s bureaucracy. Finally I was told that, in order to get what I wanted, I had to pay a year’s university fee, take three additional exams, and … Read More

Spiritual Growth

The Dark Heart

Introduction The seed of Self-realization lies buried in man’s consciousness. It is the natural love of the heart, waiting to be awakened by man’s willingness to turn his attention within and seek connection with his own Spirit. It’s not necessarily an easy path to travel by: sometimes winding and uphill, other times straight and smooth; sometimes bright and tranquil, other … Read More

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A Life in God

Right Attitudes, Spiritual Growth

The Eight Meannesses of the Heart: How to Overcome Them – Part 8

Years ago I was involved in the founding of an Ananda center in Rome. Although I scarcely had any prior experience with starting a facility like that, my enthusiasm was intense and sincere. It was not always kept under control though. Yogananda encourages us to interiorize our spiritual enthusiasm so that we might apply it judiciously. Properly used and placed, … Read More

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(Wo)Man in the Mirror

For most people it has become very obvious that we have to change the world. But if we set out to do this, we have to ask ourselves: What is it that we can actually change? At first, it seems as if there were an almost endless panorama of possibilities. We could try to change capitalism by making the wisest … Read More