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My Early Days
in a Spiritual Community…

Life in a Spiritual Community – Nayawami Shivani Narrates My first childhood ambition was to become a rabbi. Actually it was the scriptures that attracted me, and the sound of the sacred language. At the age of six I began to study Hebrew and very soon knew all the prayers by heart. But I was never called to recite in … Read More

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What Goes, What Stays

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For the community Christmas Eve party, Swamiji suggested we serve alcohol-free eggnog. I was in charge of the Retreat kitchen, but I didn’t know how to make eggnog, so he sent me a recipe (known as ”Swamiji’s recipe,” though he always said he got it from the bulletin board at a supermarket!). Before I came to Ananda, I was a … Read More

Celebrations, Right Attitudes, Stories of Devotees

Giving Thanks