The gratitude in me has been the engine that has moved everything.

Even in complex situations, from an early age, I could sense a glimmer of light and felt inwardly grateful, at peace, in the face of situations such as those that the mind poses, deluding us that there are obstacles and not opportunities.

I smiled inwardly at that sense of peace that rained down on me like a window that suddenly opened wide.

It was God winning over every illusion, and I felt grateful for this game that was perfect in every moment.

Gratitude is the shower of stars you feel on your heart when you look into the eyes of a loved one and inwardly turn to the Master, to God, bowing with deep devotion before the miracle called Life.

Gratefulness fills your heart when, thinking about a hardship for you, or one a friend of yours is experiencing, you thank God because you feel confident that He will never abandon anyone.

Grateful for the rising sun, for the wonderful sunsets that the sky grants us, and which are impossible reproduce on canvas, because the interplay of the colors are, every day, different from one another, and just by observing the wonderful shades, your heart is filled with gratitude.

Grateful to nature with its wind that caresses the blade of grass and our faces as if it were the hand of God.

I believe in a wonderful game, where Faith begets gratitude and gratitude allows one to experience Faith.

And again, gratitude for the eyes of the wonderful little animals that are part of the earth, and you look at them, grateful to God for how He created such different little bodies so perfectly.

Gratitude for the people who go and for those who remain, because in each case they bring something to us that we didn’t yet know.

Gratitude for the time you have when you can appreciate it, seeing that, all around you, there is someone who has little of it, and thankful because you are wonderfully committed to serving God in the role He has given you.

Gratitude for me is an inner embrace that envelops me in moments of joy and resurfaces in moments of bewilderment, giving me the light that points the way forward and turns into a spark, into stardust, its encounter with Faith on the bridge of life, and dancing together a sweet and powerful waltz. Feeling gratitude and offering it to the whole world fills me with joy and enables me to feel I am part of Creation, a wave that becomes God’s ocean.

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  1. Beautifully said. When I pray before meditation I always thank God for the moment and all the blessings I have. When you think of all these blessings, it will bring tears to your eyes.

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