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Music As Meditation

Music as Meditation “Where has My Love Gone – A Mystical Love Song” As a child, my mother encouraged us towards the arts. I played the flute, the oboe and took piano lessons for less than a year when I was just 7 years old. I never really learned how to read music, I mostly played by ear and I … Read More

A Touch of Light, Meditation and Kriya Yoga

During the Day

A Touch of Light, Meditation and Kriya Yoga

In Joy I Live

Energization Exercises

Vitalize the Body With Life-Force

DRAW ON LIMITLESS COSMIC ENERGY Right beneath the flesh is a tremendous current. By the pickaxes of Self-realization, I have found that Life Force again. I and my Father are One. I am not the flesh. I am a bundle of electricity behind this body. Cosmic Energy is within and around you, recharging the body at all times with vitality. … Read More

A Touch of Light, Facing Challenges, Meditation and Kriya Yoga

Relax Upward

Meditation and Kriya Yoga

Meditation: A Universal Problem-Solver

A Muslim should perform his namaj worship four times daily. Four times daily a Hindu should sit in meditation. A Christian should go down on his knees four times daily, praying to God and then reading the Bible.” With these words, Lahiri Mahasaya highlighted one of the cornerstones of the path of kriya yoga: its universality. The liberating technique of … Read More

Meditation and Kriya Yoga

The Importance of Meditation

In his famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie stated that the best way to be thought a fascinating conversationalist is to listen attentively, and with interest This principle applies also, though of course not in quite the same way, to the practice of prayer. Most people when they pray talk to God rather than with … Read More