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Guiding Principles

A Touch of Light, Prayer and Devotion, Spirituality in Daily Life

A Short Memory

Attunement, Spirituality in Daily Life

Reflections on Inner Strength – Part Two

I was looking forward to going out of town for the New Year holidays. But before doing so, I needed a proper eye exam.  My vision had been bothering me for a few months now, but I was sure it was nothing to worry about.  Perhaps I needed glasses or, at worse, had cataracts. I picked a private hospital and … Read More

A Touch of Light, Attunement, Divine Grace, Right Attitudes, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality in Daily Life

A Life in God

A Touch of Light, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality in Daily Life

Three Questions

Facing Challenges, Spirituality in Daily Life

How to Develop Clarity in a Time of Confusion 

We are living in times of great confusion. Bombarded with conflicting information, all presented as truth, when often it is merely an opinion or a speculation based on confused facts. It is like a scene from a comedy movie I saw some years ago in which Robin Hood sees his companion Blinking, who was blind, taking his turn as the … Read More