Where to Anchor in
a Fragmenting World?

We are living in a time when all certainties, one by one, are crumbling. Everything that was built during the dark age of Kali Yuga at all levels is now somehow dissolving, while coming in contact with the higher frequency of Dwapara Yuga that we fully entered in 1899. Kali Yuga used to believe only in matter. The concept of … Read More

Being Messengers of Peace

Dear friends, we live in a time when each of us, regardless of our personal ideas and opinions, should be a messenger of peace. When unconscious people have thoughts of anger, and even hatred, they “don’t know what (they) are doing”. Every thought we have has an influence not only on our personal magnetism and karma, but also on our … Read More

Learn to See, Feel and Think Differently

To find God, it will help us to try to see, feel, and think of everything differently from what we are accustomed to doing. That is why, among devotees in India, much is made of the importance of bhav, right spiritual attitude. We must try constantly to rise above seeing everything in reference to our egos, and stop thinking, “My … Read More

Realization vs. Book Learning

Western philosophers have always assumed that Truth can be known by dialectics and reason. Immanuel Kant was the first one to question if man had the faculties required to know Truth adequately. The great Sage Patanjali, who lived long before Kant, gave conclusive proof that settled the dispute about the nature of the instruments of man’s faculties required in knowing … Read More