We are living in a time when all certainties, one by one, are crumbling. Everything that was built during the dark age of Kali Yuga at all levels is now somehow dissolving, while coming in contact with the higher frequency of Dwapara Yuga that we fully entered in 1899.

Kali Yuga used to believe only in matter. The concept of energy could not be understood even remotely and, for this reason, people needed dogmas, facts, something solid to believe in (of course the many heroic Saints who incarnated at that time were able to reach far beyond this attitude).

In Kali Yuga you easily happened to live in a house bought by your ancestors, which would have continued to be the home of all future generations. The same with professions, being handed down from father to son, along with customs, habits, mentality and traditions. All this was meant to provide security to people, to make them believe that everything they were building would last “forever”.

However, nothing in the realm of matter is “forever” and the next evolutionary step, the one of Dwapara Yuga, is to start believing that security does not come from matter, money or from a certain type of mentality, but from God and from our connection to Him. Unfortunately, in order to help us understand this, the cosmic intelligence has no other way than to deprive us of all certainties we are firmly attached to.

In this era, there are many people who still have a Kali Yuga consciousness, who do not understand the need to flow with events and do not accept continuous change on the impermanent physical plane. The process of change is extremely painful for them and they strive to oppose it with all their strength.

A few days ago, a friend of mine told me a story that I find emblematic in this time. It is about a Sicilian family of noble ancestry, which has lost its assets over time and whose wonderful lavish palace is crumbling down piece by piece, due to the lack of maintenance. These people are forced to live in the only very small area of the house still standing up without falling to pieces. Although they are receiving substantial money offers from people who would like to buy the property and restore it, and although with that sum of money they could move into a nice and functional house, they stubbornly refuse to sell the old palace because they say: “This is our family house and we must continue to live here.”

The battle between the old resisting energy and the new energy that wants to fully manifest itself takes place mainly on the energetic plane. At this time sensitive people can feel it clearly.

What can we do to avoid getting caught up in the energy vortex that is upsetting the whole world? There is a place that cannot be touched by external change: our Center. That is where we can take refuge and find security in what is Permanent, rather than Impermanent. There we can find protection and shelter in God, do our practices, recite Mantras to calm the mind, and develop our faith, our confidence that if we trust in Him, God will never forsake us.

We become channels for divine Energy when helping others and the whole planet, both on a practical level and through prayers. This can help us to expand beyond ourselves, letting us step out of the prison of the ego and freeing us from our fears.

Let us remember: in God any problem finds a solution.

Jai Guru


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