Dear friends,

we live in a time when each of us, regardless of our personal ideas and opinions, should be a messenger of peace.

When unconscious people have thoughts of anger, and even hatred, they “don’t know what (they) are doing”. Every thought we have has an influence not only on our personal magnetism and karma, but also on our consciousness and global energy balance. Because our thoughts guide our actions, Yogananda says, they even determine the fate of humanity.

In addition to this consideration, which should not be underestimated, we should also observe how we feel when we express peace and how we feel when we express anger, or worse.

Let’s look at Yogananda’s and Kriyananda’s eyes. All that is perceived in them is peace and love, and if we sometimes feel lacking, it can be very helpful to look into those eyes and try to absorb into our consciousness the vibration that emanates from them, because it is still as present and alive as when they were in the physical body. Swami Kriyananda used to say, “You will become like what you observe.”

Swami Kiyananda wrote the chant “Peace” using, for the most part, a single note, to suggest the calmness and peace that is in the absence of movement. I remember once when Swami received me at his home, I had the impression of being immersed in an aura of motionlessness. An image came into my mind of a straight line, without vibration, without oscillation, and by association I thought of his song “Peace” and what he wanted to express.

Another time, when Swami was under attack and about to leave for America, where he was to appear in court, I said to him, wishing to encourage him (in my defense, I had only known Ananda and Swami for a very short time), “Swami, how I wish you could find peace.” He turned to me with a somewhat astonished expression and, in a gentle but very firm tone of voice, replied, “Nothing can ever take away my inner peace.”

Let us remember that, during this time, maintaining our meditation routine is essential to remain centred in peace and love and to be ever-bright channels of divine peace for others.

>> Permanent peace and tranquillity can only be achieved through meditation and contact with God. All religions teach the value of this. It is well known that calm waters flow deep. In life all things of value develop in stillness. This is the wisdom of all ages, all over the world.<<  P. Yogananda



    I am sending out my aberration to you for this shared teaching today as I to connect with the song of this lovely message and doing so I desire to reflect my gratitude and appreciation to you in written form.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you, Clarita, really appreciated you writing this.

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