Article, Facing Challenges

How to Overcome Karma-mess with Calmness 

Remain ever calm within. Be even-minded. When working, be calmly active. Someday, you will know yourself to be subject no longer to the tides of Destiny. Your strength will come from within; you will not depend on outer incentives of any kind for motivation.  – Paramhansa Yogananda  Have you ever been on a ship, traveling during a storm, with the … Read More


The Way of the Sanghi

“May the Divine Light awaken and purify my heart, and bring enlightenment to all beings.” 1) We believe in a single, blissful, eternal consciousness, Satchidanandam, which pervades the entire universe, unifying it and all creatures in a bond of mutual service. This blissful consciousness is the underlying reality of all existence; it precedes the very manifestation of the universe. 2) We … Read More


What is Sangha?

Ever since the early days of Ananda, and even before that, Swami Kriyananda knew that he was bringing into manifestation the new expression of religion Yogananda said Self Realization was supposed to be in this new era of energy awareness. Swami’s own definition of the process must have been clear from the very beginning: free flowing spirituality, consistent with the … Read More