Christ Lives!

Christ Lives!“Christ’s Light that shone on earth from heaven, opened for us the inner door; to all who love the gift is given, joy and freedom evermore.”

“Jesus Christ is born this day, hallelujah! Born to drive our night away, hallelujah! Joy on the mountains, joy in the valleys, joy to the nations, Christ has come.”

—Swami Kriananda, from Christ Lives! An Oratorio

Swami Kriyananda wrote an oratorio after a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1983. He was deeply moved at every sacred site he visited, and each place inspired a piece of music. Through instrumental melodies, choral and solo pieces, he told the story of Christ. He called the finished work, Christ Lives! An Oratorio.

Playing the oratorio, especially at this time of year, reminds me of that time many years ago now, when Swamiji was creating this great and inspiring work. I remember those of us who were in the choir learning the soaring and uplifting choral parts, many of us weeping as the power of the music touched our hearts and souls. It was a very miraculous and moving time.

Music is one of our most powerful and direct tools for inspiring and energising our spiritual life. Spiritually inspired music is an instant reminder of the presence of God and the great Masters in our lives. Listening to this music as you get ready for Christmas, sit for a moment and have tea, or as you write Christmas cards, etc., can instantly fill you with the spirit of this blessed season

Swamiji called his oratorio Christ Lives, because he felt the living power of Christ in each place Christ had lived, worked, and preached. Meditating in those sacred places he realised that the spirit of Christ is as vibrantly alive today as when he walked the earth. That his power to transform, heal and motivate people spiritually, is as potent as ever.

The anniversaries of the great ones are opportunities for us to draw closer to them.

The Masters come for you and me, to remind us of their love and care for our well-being and spiritual growth. When we attune ourselves to them in whatever way we can, through music, reading, meditation and prayer, we will be transformed, we will experience their power and presence in our lives.

Christ Lives!Last night our choir sang Christmas music in a simple little church in Nocera Umbra, not far from Ananda which is near Assisi in Umbria. Through a medley of traditional carols, Swami’s music and modern selections, all inspired by the grace “of a tiny babe in a manger laid.” The singers and those listening were touched, inspired and transported. United in our love for God and the beautiful music, differences of any kind did not matter. Thank you so much to Peter, the choir director, and to all the singers for their dedication.

Christmas comes once a year, as a beautiful reminder of God’s love for you, for the world. The spiritual grace of the Masters is omnipresent and eternal, and flows wherever there are open hearts and souls attuned to receive it. Thus we become channels for the Christmas spirit, the spirit of all our great Masters, into a world desperately in need of love, peace, joy and goodwill.

“Could it be that in that little one, spirit’s universal love did shine; If it’s true He lives in you and me, whom men call the son of Mary. Who’ll tell to me this mystery: how a tiny babe in a manger laid, could so many hearts to love persuade? This holy son of Mary.”

—Swami Kriyananda, The Christmas Mystery

“The spiritual Christmas season will soon be here. What shall I give you? A bouquet of my highest hopes and blessings that your consciousness may be newly awakened in blissful Christ-consciousness! May the bird of your love escape from the cage of personal limitations and fly singing the song of Christ-truth through all hearts and minds!”

—Paramhansa Yogananda, 1927 Christmas message

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