In India there are many ways to worship God, as our Heavenly Father, Divine Friend, or as Divine Beloved. However one of the most favored ways is God in the form of Divine Mother.
Paramhansa Yogananda said, “In India some devotees call God the Divine Mother which is a more tender, gentle aspect of God. The Mother always forgives Her children’s weaknesses.

Think of a little child suddenly afraid, she rushes to her mother and is instantly, unconditionally loved and comforted. Opening our hearts and souls to the feminine aspect of God reminds us that God’s loving support of us, is so much closer than we ever thought possible.

When we trust and have faith like a child our heart opens, we are aware of Divine Mother’s love for us, and we in turn can give love to all. When we open our hearts we become more generous in every way, giving love, empathy, support and energy to friends, family, even to strangers.

Our world needs these things more than ever and as Divine Mother’s children we all can be her channels of motherly care to all.


  1. Great reminder, Uma. Hope you are well. Happy holidays!🌈

  2. It’s very apt and needs to be highlighted in various religious congregations. Thank you very much, my divine sister Uma.

  3. It’s touching to read your message. Divine Mother shines in you, dear friend. Much love to you, Kalyani 💐💖🕉

  4. Cheerio, Uma! Happy Christmas in Divine Mother’s love!

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