Let’s talk about the new things coming to Terre di Luce! Starting this March, you will be able to order our farm’s delicious, tasty and organic products online through Whatsapp. This initiative was created to offer, to those interested, the opportunity to bring Ananda to their table, as well as to support this beautiful and important community farming project, so close to Master’s heart.

The process is extremely simple: to receive the list of products and proceed with the orders, all you need to do is join the whatsapp group – the link is at the end of the article – and click on the “Join Group” button. Once the order is placed, the products of your choice will be delivered directly to your home. One last clarification: only the group administrator is allowed to share content, so that we avoid flooding the chat with messages. Thank you, friends! We look forward to sharing the Earth’s gifts with you!

Click on the link to join the whatsapp group Mercatino Terre di Luce:


If you prefer to use the phone to communicate with Terre di Luce, however, this is the number to place your orders and/or ask for information: 3534566713


These days, we are also building, in the literal sense of the word, a new space for our Terre di Luce Sunday Market at the Ananda Center. Our carpenter-builders are preparing a display in which it will be possible to showcase the many products of our farm.

At Terre di Luce we practice farming in harmony with the surrounding environment, a spiritual farming into which the Terre di Luce team has transfused Master’s teachings. In the agricultural project and in every project undertaken, the connection with Yogananda is the essential element. We look forward to seeing you there!

For this project we would like to thank three donors: Günther and Gaby, longtime friends of Ananda and who have served Ananda for many years, and their son Tobias.


One of Terre di Luce’s new projects is to turn our farm into a place of learning. Terre di Luce will open its doors to visitors who would like to learn about the rural environment and the origin of food products. By devoting part of its time and part of the facility to school groups, families and individual consumers, the farm will become a place of active pedagogy. In the evolution and transformation of our farm, this is an important project. Our very own Madri and Mahiya, will undergo special trainings in order to share their knowledge effectively. This is an exciting possibility and Terre di Luce is gearing up to welcome people in and share the blessings of the farm. There is also another service being actively developed. This is program, designed for all who long for deeper contact with themselves, consists of bringing greater well-being into one’s life through contact with nature. Nature is one of the most powerful tools for healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level, and all those who are looking for that something extra for their lives will be able to take advantage of this new opportunity. It all stems from wanting to explore a new territory; spiritual agriculture. That is, healing onseself through Master’s teachings as they apply to agriculture. For the time being, these projects are in the definition phase, but as soon as they take shape, we will give you all the information. Jai Guru!


Terre di Luce is constantly evolving; in this issue we would like to share with you some things that are happening right now. There is a beautiful and powerful energy that is moving, and this energy, like a powerful vortex, is drawing so many souls to contribute. In Terre di Luce, the Seva program (service to the Guru) is seeing more and more souls ready to join and serve. Experiencing community, doing service, exploring the yogic way of life, attuning with the Guru, sharing with friends each experience is something that profoundly changes those who take part. This powerful magnetism has attracted, at this time, many young souls, who are serving side by side with joy, creativity and enthusiasm.

If you feel inspired to experience this or would like more information please write to:

Mahiya: [email protected]

Gopala: [email protected]

Namasya: [email protected]