Recently a women asked me “If I am a healer, a Yoga teacher or work in the social sector, it is easy to create a spiritual organisation. But, I am an IT expert, I do not understand. How can I create a spiritual organisation with that?”

It is not ‘what you do’ which is essential for creating a spiritual organisation, but how you are able to attune to Divine Consciousness and bring that into your work and organisation.

As the leader of an organisation your consciousness is influenced by

  • your intentions & ambitions for creating a spiritual organisation,
  • your thoughts & feelings towards God & Gurus during your working time,
  • how you see the Divine in the people who are involved in your organisation,
  • the quality and strength of your energy and willpower,
  • your willingness & ability to attune to God & Guru,
  • the environment where you set up the organisations, and of course
  • your karma (positive & negative).

These are some important elements which determine the spiritual quality of your consciousness and with what success you create a spiritual organisation.

For example, if your role is to offer IT services to people, then the way to create a spiritual organisation is to align your consciousness with God and/or your Guru’s consciousness while you are working. This means, while you are serving your IT clients, organising and managing your team and following up with other necessary activities on the material plane to set up the organisation, directing your thoughts, feelings, intentions, energy and will towards God & Guru. Here are some suggestions for how you can attract the Divine Consciousness:

  • mentally ask God & Guru for advice or what a particular clients need is,
  • use the Mantra ‘AUM Guru AUM’ or ‘JAI Guru’,
  • pray mentally for everybody involved in the organisation,
  • look at the Guru’s or another saint’s picture to remind yourself what your true purpose in life is: to serve God & Guru, to become free and Self-realised.

Superconscious Divine Mind

In this way, all your decisions, activities, relationships are influenced, determined and guided by the Divine Consciousness; The inspiration & ideas come from the superconscious mind, the Divine Mind, instead of the conscious mind, which is often informed by your past experiences, present likes & dislikes and limiting understanding of your own potential.

Working in this way might be difficult at first. Doubts might plague you, about being able to ‘hear’ the Divine intention & wisdom for you. But as the Bhagavad Gita reminds us ‘intention & effort counts’:  every day make the best effort to ask God & Guru:

  • “how can I serve you in this situation, with this client, with this employee?”
  • What are my priorities – now, this week, this month, this year?

Then, do your best to bring into action what you received – or, what you believe you received. Do not be afraid about your intuition being wrong or that you will make a mistake. By asking every day, “what are my priorities?”, we can never ‘really’ make a mistake, because God & Guru will ‘correct’ our decisions & actions – as long as we ask and connect with Them daily.

Clarity and Planing

Often I hear: “as a spiritual person you don’t make plans: you just ‘go and work with the flow’”. Meaning, you just do what ‘pops up’. In order to be able to ‘go and work with the flow’ you need to have clarity of

  • why you are doing what you are doing
  • what it is you want to offer, and
  • how do you want to offer your products/services in collaboration with God & Guru.

If you do not make plans, you are not clear on what resources you need and what activities are necessary. Making plans is the part you need to do so that God & Gurus can work through you. Your clarity & focus about what you need, creates a magnetism around your intention to serve God, Guru and others. This clarity contributes to your success in attracting easily all resources you need, but also contributes to the success in collaborating with the Divine.

Patience & Courage

Once an entrepreneur mentioned to me “I am creating a spiritual business by employing only spiritual people who meditate”.

Yes, that helps – but it is not enough. The process takes tremendous patience and courage. “Fearlessness” as the Bhagavad Gita reminds us.

An entrepreneur whose sincere intention was to become a successful, spiritual entrepreneur was struggling introducing prayers before all meetings. She had strong fears of being judged and ridiculed.  After several months of courageously leading a prayer before each meeting, it happened once that she forgot to pray. Immediately one of her staff interrupted her and asked: “Can we please first start with the prayer? It really helps me to focus and concentrate.”

Prayers are now common practice in her organisation with ‘nonspritual’ employees. They help the teams to harmonise their communication, become more solution-oriented during discussions and also has a positive effect on their productivity.


Although on the material plane you seem to be “the owner” of ‘your’ organisation, the real ‘boss’ is God and Guru. Remind yourself as often as possible that ‘this is not my organisation, but God & Guru’s’. This practice can help you to reduce and neutralise possible attachments you have towards ‘your’ organisation.

Remember, our goal is freedom and union with God. We achieve this through meditation and our spiritual practices, and also   through ‘spiritualizing’ our work and organisation for God and Guru.

Jai Guru,


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