On October 4, a small group of our community residents traveled to Hannover to serve in an event called Yoganandafest, organized by Ananda Germany. The venue was a huge complex in the countryside with various buildings — a true spiritual marketplace, largely inspired by Swami Sivananda.

We had our own designated hall, which was soon transformed into a Temple dedicated to the masters of Kriya Yoga and Self-realization. With typical German discipline – and with the joyfulness characteristic of all serviceful Ananda devotees – our Gurubhais prepared the altar, shared a detailed program with us, and installed the technical equipment required for what was going to be a hybrid event: interactive, not only for those present, but also for those following us on a designated Zoom platform.

Those present had the greater opportunity of shared meals, informal conversations and Kriya checks, but also keenly felt was the eagerness of online guests to be with us and to dive deep into the teachings.

There were many highlights, including 45-minute “snack-size” classes on subjects such as spirituality in relationships, integrating sound and music in daily life, community building, how to develop devotion, and much more. The language in use, of course, was 90 percent German. The few ministers from Ananda Village who also contributed generously to the event were simultaneously – and tirelessly — translated.

But surely Swami’s and Master’s music was the golden thread that united all these wonderful, inspiring words with the one central spindle of Self-realization. Once more we could recognize and marvel at how practical these teachings are, how appropriate, and in their expression through music, how deep and beautiful in all their simplicity and clarity. Only simplicity makes such depth possible. One of our Guru’s many achievements is his transformation of what the sluggish, worldly mind might consider religious platitudes into vibrant, life-nourishing truths, by showing us how to live them, how to wholeheartedly commit to them.

Assuredly, another seed has been planted! We have said it before: Yogananda’s work of Self-realization will spread and grow with the long-term rhythm of events like this. And through the collaboration among different countries – beautifully exemplified by the September retreat in the Netherlands, conducted by our spiritual directors — a new magnetism is created. It will become a protective shield for sincere seekers from all over the continent to find reliable ways to attune themselves to the spiritual rays for the new era.

In divine friendship,