The food section

Bio in love is a well-stocked organic shop that sells food items, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, wool and various types of yarn as well as accessories for their use and for sewing, small household appliances and beautiful houseware. When you shop you can take a relaxing break at our bar where organic products are available.

Bio In Love, located only 3 km from Ananda, opened in March 2017 thanks to Ranjit and Vinaya’s efforts to respond both to the needs of the Ananda Community and to those who live nearby, and to offer food products with high vibrations in an area where these kinds of products are otherwise hard to come by. Gradually more people have become aware of the presence of this invaluable store, and now people from nearby cities come to shop here. The Internet website has also made it accessible to everyone in Italy.

The Incense section

Ranjit and Vinaya have courageously decided to sell their products at ethical prices, and their choice to adhere to Dharma is their reward.  During these difficult last two years, not only has the shop survived but it has actually thrived.

The Yarn section

The quality of the yarn is excellent and respects the requisites of an organic shop. The production chain is traceable and the yarn comes from a short supply chain. It is made in Italy and certified organic when possible, or eco-sustainable. It is cruelty free and is, therefore, produced with respect for the animals. The yarn is dyed with natural colors, whether dyed by hand or by industrial procedures, making them tolerable for every skin type.  Bio In Love has recently begun selling yarn called Gentile that is produced by some shepherds from the Abruzzo and Molise regions, and which comes from the indigenous sheep they raise. The sheep were on the verge of extinction, but thanks to the shepherds, these sheep are being bred once again. The shepherds themselves dye the wool using natural methods.

Handcrafted items using this yarn are made at the Joyful Atelier and are sold in the shop.

Ranjit says:

The bar

“To carry on our activity in a balanced way and face the challenges that, as we know, every job encounters, especially at this particular moment, it is fundamental for us to practice our Kriya meditation, prayers, centeredness, to maintain a service-minded attitude toward our clients and to try to see the divine aspect in all. To offer kindness and friendship helps us to be in tune with our Masters and God.  In the morning, even before we begin working, we say a prayer to magnetize the shop and to contribute to world peace. This helps us spiritualize our work.”