“When we serve others, we serve ourselves. Do not think, “I will help others” – think rather, I will help my own, my world, because I cannot otherwise be happy.”

– Paramhansa Yogananda, How to be Happy all the Time

It was a great celebration of souls gathering for an event organized at Villa Fanusa in Syracuse.

It was particular and wonderful: for 3 very special days the two schools of Ananda and Raja Yoga gathered to harmonize the teachings of the Masters of Kriya Yoga.

The teachers, Jayadev and Darshan,  guided more than 50 people toward a higher state of consciousness: a small and large glimpse of peace and joy, and a small and great light in their eyes and hearts.

Step by step, breath by breath, seminars, interactions,  yoga practices in the morning and in the afternoon – we found ourselves together and united by this ancient tradition that means just that,  “Union”.

After all, what is a miracle if not an “extraordinary” experience that becomes part of our daily lives.

The experience of sacredness means raising one’s consciousness – a path toward that “portable” Paradise that the Master, Yogananda, has encouraged us, for more than a century, to perceive within.

The retreat came to an end, but the smiling faces and the eyes filled with joy will continue to shine.

This is the purpose of a spiritual retreat: to come together, to practice Sadhanas more deeply,  and to then reconnect with our surrounding world.