Here are some thoughts from Paramhansa Yogananda, that highlight peace as an aspect of our higher Self, to be cultivated in the inner and in the domestic life, before it can manifest on earth. If we can take these inspirations to heart and try to practice them, each one of us in his/her own individual way, then together we are generating the magnetism that contributes to world peace, no matter where we are on the planet.

No Multitasking:

Cultivate emotional poise. To overcome restlessness, start out with a firm determination that you will do each piece of work in its turn without unnecessary fret or fuss, without burdening your mind with useless queries. Limit your thoughts to the task at hand. Dismiss the task just finished and allow the next task to take its turn. If you have entrusted someone else with part of your work, dismiss that part from your mind…

Control the reactive process:

Hold yourself in readiness to react comfortably, instead of irritably, to the ordinary incidents of life. If you do not follow some such policy, there are dangers ahead. You will not be able to get in tune with reality – with the Cosmic Truth. How can you know Reality, the eternal order of the universe, unless you learn how to calm yourself?

Practise appreciation and gratitude:

If we meditate on our blessings, on what we have to be thankful for rather than upon the trials, ills, and worries that beset us or disturb us, we shall begin to know God. The best and highest reward in our life of God Consciousness is the realization of unceasing happiness, which we call “Peace” or “Bliss”.

Spiritual time management:

Keep to yourself as much as possible if you want to gain perfect peace and quiet. This does not mean that you should not see your friends and others, but it is well known that a great deal of valuable time is wasted in idle chatter and unnecessary contacts, which only result in restlessness and nervousness. Avoid wasting time.

The importance of meditation:

God can be found only by knowing the technique of meditation. He will then throb as joy in your mind, as joy in your heart. You will then be more active and more successful.
Repeat the following prayer before each daily meditation: “Heavenly Father, bless my understanding, bless my thoughts, bless my activity, and bless me that I may use divine discrimination which quickly leads to Thee.

Paramhansa Yogananda, questions and answers Peace&Quiet, article published in 1940

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