Renunciate Vow of Tyaga

I understand, and fully accept, that the true purpose of life for all human beings is to seek God.
In pursuit of that goal, I offer my own life unreservedly to seeking my own Divine Source.
I will retain no ego-gratifying goal in my life, but will strive always, and above all, to please God.
I will view my partner as a channel of God’s blessing, guidance, and strength, and will strive always to be a similar channel in return.
I will endeavor always, through the love and respect I feel for my partner, to reach out in love and service to all humanity.
I will try never to see anything in this world as mine, but will view everything as a manifestation of God.
I will look upon life as God’s dream-drama, and also dream-entertainment. I will accept as His gift whatever comes to me in life.
I offer to Thee, Lord, my life, my desires, my attachments, and the fruit of all my labors.
Bless me, and strengthen me, that I become ever more perfect in this, my holy vow.