We just had our first Seva Day of 2021!

With the re-opening of the Ananda Center, and now that we can finally gather a bit more freely, we wanted to infuse everything with new magnetism and energy in preparation for the summer. It was time to come together to clean, uplift, beautify Ananda Assisi for all the many friends who will come to be with us in the coming months.

We served, prayed, chanted and had satsang together! With joy in our hearts we prepared the Temple of Light, the gardens around it, the meditative ‘Ananda Flower Garden’, the Temple of Joy downstairs, and the area around the many guest spaces – all to infuse this summer with even more light. A whole morning flew by in what seemed like an instant and the result was tangible both on the spiritual and material plane.

Hope to see you all soon and again be able to share this space and light together!

Your Ananda Family