Ananda Assisi’s Technician Team is a fairly young team, it was put together only just 1.5 years ago. Before the lockdown in March 2020, it consisted of just three people who live-streamed Sunday Services and other, occasional events.

One of those three happened to be me.


Durga, coordination and training

When the lockdown came we asked ourselves: how can we serve now?

We quickly realized that with no one coming to our guest retreat, our activities had to be shared online: meditations, satsangs, yoga, classes, healing prayers, kirtans, meetings, choir…

To this day it amazes me that people who used to work in the kitchen or in the office, whether they were 28 or 69 years old, now showed their willingness to serve as technicians.

The job is not an easy one: you have to take care of the equipment, look after the teachers and ministers, while at the same time keep an eye on the people who are following us online. It’s a multitasking job that requires a lot of training.

The soundboard

The biggest challenge is the soundboard in the upper temple, which surely has at least 500 buttons and switches…

About fifteen or even twenty people trained with me for about 2 months, learning how to use cables, cameras, lamps and microphones, and then mostly taking over the responsibility for the big soundboard directly in the same week…

For me this meant being in the temple every day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for two months, fixing any technical problems that might arise…

Krishnaprem, superconscious solutions

Unfortunately the equipment was a bit worn out, and often we could only use laptops and webcams.

But then a miracle happened: several devotees made donations for new equipment, which has made it possible for us, since June 2020,  to offer a better service.

How we all managed to do this so quickly from one day to the next, I still can’t explain: God and the Masters certainly had their fingers in the pie!

I am so grateful for the generosity of devotees worldwide who have given us financial support and ideas!


Today, our Technician Team consists of 8 permanent members, plus 8 additional people who occasionally step in as needed….

These people serve where there is a need: in the office, in our gardens, in the kitchen … or as technicians. The main season of the online courses is in winter, and especially at Christmas there are always many events and courses that are broadcast live.

It can be quite a challenging job: the internet sometimes goes down due to bad weather conditions (maybe there is a thunderstorm or the wind is too strong), sometimes the equipment has been misplaced or even broken.

Regular training is needed so that familiar knowledge can be repeated and new things can be introduced.

The appreciation of our spiritual family and of new course participants is what keeps us going, even when “technical problems” have just occurred.

And the joy of sharing Master’s teachings with all of you makes us forget everything else!

For the Tech Team

The Members of the Tech Team: