Poncho knitted with the recycled Merino yarn Amore from Borgo de’ Pazzi

Joyful Atelier was created to meet various needs: on one hand it was created with the desire to be part of the self-sufficiency project of the Ananda Community (another article that will talk about the agricultural aspect of the Terre di Luce will come out soon), and on the other hand with the desire to rediscover the wonderful manual skills that our moms and grandmothers had, and which allow us to personalize garments that we will wear and give to others as gifts.

For the time being we are knitting and crocheting these garments. We meet in person or, thanks to technology that comes to our aid, we connect with each other via zoom, allowing for even those who live far away to be part of this beautiful project.

Hats knitted using the Fantasy stitch and the Sesia yarn Luccica

But, above all, what really makes what we’re doing special is the spiritual aspect that is part of what we create: we begin with a prayer, and as we work we infuse our creations with very high vibrations by listening to spiritual music or by mentally repeating a mantra, whatever we are inspired to do (some of the people in our group are not on our spiritual path).

Coat knitted with the Luna yarn from Borgo de’ Pazzi

Anyone can be part of this project, even those who have never even held needles before, because our wonderful teacher, Vinaya, offers various types of courses – online or in person, each course suited to the participants’ capabilities.  So some people who were new at this have had the satisfaction of creating (and proudly wearing) a hat, or a scarf, etc.

Technology has given us the chance to connect with those at a distance, and has enabled us to include friends who live far away, or to connect with each other from home during the Covid pandemic. This no doubt helped us to overcome moments that would have been more difficult otherwise.

A young seamstress is part of our group, so she will be able to teach us how to create a pattern, how to cut and sew, and who knows in what other direction our creativity will take us.  This is just the beginning and we don’t know yet what the future developments will be, but our wish that there will be a return to handicraftsmanship that gives us the possibility to create simple items we can wear in our daily lives and, more importantly, to develop our creativity.


Let’s hear what

Let’s see what Vinaya has to say about the courses, how they work and the materials that are used: “There are five types of courses which are held for both beginners, and for those who are more advanced. In the  advanced courses more detailed explanations are given and different ways of working are offered – for example, the Norwegian technique course that is very much appreciated allows us to create Topdown items, that is, a one piece item that is worked from the next down without having to sew together the various parts. The lessons aren’t only practical. There is also a good deal of theory, not only relative to the various techniques, but also relative to the different types of yarn one can use. A fundamental aspect for us is that the yarn used is eco-sustainable and cruelty free – that is to say, the products do not pollute the environment and there is not exploitation of people or animals. The yarn is often dyed by hand using natural dyes. As a result, we are able to maintain the high vibrations in every aspect of this project.”

As I mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning. Very often when a project begins, one has no idea where the Masters wish to lead us, nor what they would like to realize through the project and through those who are part of it.

If you feel you would like to be a part of this project, you can write to:
[email protected]

We invite you to visit the website.

Nayaswami Clarita