Christmas 2020: let’s make it an exceptional celebration!

After a truly exceptional year, the divine light of Christmas brings hope! This year we would like to share that Light with as many people around the world as possible… in fact, our wish is to share the Light of Hope with everyone! You too, can be part of this amazing campaign to kindle the Light of Hope in every heart, so that everyone may feel its comfort and support in these times.

Discover our inspirational programme and events calendar below, and let’s prepare ourselves for an exceptional Christmas… together!


Our Journey

Six weeks dedicated to living in the light.



Our complete Events Calendar!

Join us also for our daily morning meditations based on that day’s advent calendar quality from 6:30 – 8:00 a.m. on Ananda LIVE.


Open Yourself to the Light

29 Nov – 18 Dec

Join us as we attune ourselves to the vibration of the Light, opening our hearts and calling in the Christ Consciousness.


4 December

8:30 pmDivine Mother Concert in English in ItalianThis concert, offered by a smaller group of the Ananda Joy Choir, will be a beautiful combination of music by Swami Kriyananda and traditional Christmas music to open us to the Light of Divine Mother. Prepare yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this celestial experience. Many of the songs you will hear are on the new CD “CHRISTMAS” from Ananda Edizioni.
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A wonderful evening of choral music to help us tune into Divine Mother’s presence and enter into the spirit and magical atmosphere of Christmas.


5 December

6:30 – 8:30 am Special Divine Mother Meditation in English in Italian
This long meditation is an opportunity to open our hearts and enter into the inner Light. It will be guided, and includes chants, readings and long periods of silence to help us go deep.
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11:00 am Sharing: Attune yourself to Divine Motherin EnglishYogananda said, “You can worship God as the Father, but you can worship God as the Mother, because Mother is closer than the Father.” Opening our hearts and souls to the Mother helps us remember that God’s love and support is so much closer than we ever thought possible. Uma will share with us ways to cultivate this inner attunement.
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How can we tune into the feminine aspect of God? How to percieve the constant hints of Her love whispering in our souls?

8:30 pm Divine Mother Kirtan in English in Italian
Let’s sing together to Divine Mother and invoke her presence in your hearts.
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6 December

20:30 pm Reader’s Theater: “The Smile that Wins” by PG Woodhousein ItalianP.G. Wodehouse was Swami Kriyananda’s favorite humorist. Swamiji said that his humor was “kind”, pointing out the folly of human behaviour with consumate humor, but in a gentle and indulgent way. This story “The Smile that Wins” is one of his best.
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A reading in Italian of the short story “The Smile that Wins” by the British humorist P.G.Wodehouse


8 December

6:30 – 8:30 am Special Meditation for the “Immacolata” holiday in English in Italian
This long meditation is an opportunity to open our hearts and enter into the inner Light. It will be guided, and includes chants, readings and long periods of silence to help us go deep.
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11 December

8:00 – 9:00 pm Advent Satsang with Uma in English
Enjoy a special advent sating with Nayaswami Uma
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Christ Lives

19 – 27 Dec

The joyful birth of the Christ Light within us; a time of reflection, nurturing and deep intimacy with the Divine.


19 December

8:30 pm Christ Kirtan in English in Italian
Join us in joyful chanting to invite Christ’s presence into our hearts.
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20 December

7:00 – 8:00 Ananda Yoga and Energisation in English in Italian
A guided practice of the Energisation Exercises and gentle yoga postures to stretch and relax your muscles and prepare you for the 8-hour meditation.
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9:00 – 17:00 Long Christmas Meditation in English in Italian
The traditional all-day meditation, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., during which periods of silent meditation alternate with chanting, inspirational music and readings.
The tradition of “Spiritual Christmas”, an 8-hour meditation a few days before celebrating a more social Christmas, was created by Paramhansa Yogananda. It is a wonderful way to prepare ourselves for the birth of the Christ Consciousness.
9:15 am
Prayer, Reading, Chanting and Inspiration followed by 40 min. meditation
10:20 am Chanting, inspirational Master’s voice followed by 90 min. meditation
12:05 pm Chanting with Swamiji, Master’s Voice and Inspiration followed by 75 min. meditation
1:35 pm Chanting and 20 min. break
2:00 pm Chanting, Inspiration with Master’s voice followed by 60 min. meditation
3:20 pm Affirmation of Master, inspiration followed by 30 mins of meditation
4:05 pm Music, inspiration, Master’s voice followed by 20 min. meditation
4:45 pm Chanting, Master’s Voice, Healing Prayers and Closing
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24 December

11:00 – 12:30 Sharing: Living with Jesus in English in ItalianJesus is not just the baby who was born 2000 years ago; he is a living presence in the world now. The eve of his nativity is a perfect time to focus on tuning into his infinite presence and asking him to express his consciousness in every aspect of your life.
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Ideas and inspirations on how you too can express the love, forgiveness and power of Jesus in your daily life.

21:00 – 22:30 Christmas Eve Celebration in English in ItalianWherever Christ is, There is Love
Christmas Eve is one of the most inspiring and beautiful moments of this sacred season. Celebrate this special time with us. We will celebrate Christmas in the simplicity of our hearts, with inspirations, songs and Christmas music, for a Christmas Eve filled with the Presence of Christ.
“Lift your eyes and concentrate within.
Behold the astral star of divine wisdom and let the wise thoughts in you
follow that telescopic star to behold the Christ everywhere.”

Paramhansa Yogananda
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25 December

7:00 -9:00 am Christmas Morning Meditation in English in Italian
Let’s celebrate together the birth of Christ in deep meditation. This will be a guided practice, with joyful chanting, inspirational readings and periods of silence.
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11:30 Christmas Message by Nayaswamis Kirtani and Anand in English in Italian
A tradition at Ananda! An inspiring and uplifting message from Nayaswamis Kirtani and Anand, spiritual directors of Ananda Europe. With their wisdom, humour and deep attunement, they will greatly enrich your Christmas day.
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12:15 – 13:30 Sharing: Christmas all year round in English in ItalianAfter Kirtani and Anand’s message we continue to bring the noble essence of Christmas onto a practical, everyday level. How can we truly live in Christ’s joy and express his love in our daily routine? Tune in for some good advice and insightful sharings from our community members.
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How can we live in the spirit of Christmas every day? A panel of speakers will give you insight.

Christmas Concert in English in ItalianWhat expresses the joy of Christmas more than music? Enjoy this evening with a small part of the Ananda Joy Choir as they sing Christmas music by Swami Kriyananda and other inspired composers. A lovely way to complete your Christmas day. Many of the songs you will hear are on the new CD “CHRISTMAS” from Ananda Edizioni.
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A beautiful and uplifting concert of Christmas music to open your heart and fill you with joy.


26 December

11:00 Virtual Pilgrimage in the Holy Land  in ItalianYogananda wrote, “The spirit of Christ is all-pervasive in Palestine; I walked reverently by his side at Bethlehem, Gethsemane, Calvary, the holy Mount of Olives, and by the River Jordan and the Sea of Galilee.” This multimedia presentation, featuring photographs taken on Ananda pilgrimages to the Holy Land, music from Swamiji’s Oratorio on the life of Christ, and inspirational readings, will be a lovely addition to your Christmas season.
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Join us on this virtual journey to the sacred sites of Israel where Jesus and his disciples walked and shared the joy of living in God.

8.30 pm Readers’ Theatre: The Fourth Wise Man  in Italian
The touching story of a humble man who hears of the birth of Christ and wishes to go to his cradle and worship him along with the three Wise Men. Delayed in his quest by people who seek his help, and by his deep compassion that does not permit him to say no, he despairs of ever seeing the Holy Child. A deeply inspiring and uplifting account of the power of divine love and selfless service.
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27 December

11.30 Christmas Sunday Service in English in Italian
Sunday Satsang is always a special moment of being together, even at a distance, and of celebrating the blessings that Paramhansa Yogananda brought to us. The topic for this satsang will be ‘The Divine Ascension’.
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16:00 Christmas Tea on Zoom in English in Italian
oin us for a moment of sharing! A 45-minute tea together to connect in Divine Friendship and share our experiences of living the Light of Hope this Christmas!
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Together in the Light

28 Dec – 01 Jan

Looking within, let’s encourage this beautiful Light to grow!
Together we can manifest our highest potential!


30 December


31 December

21:30 – 00:15 New Year’s Eve Ceremony in English in ItalianNew Year’s Eve at Ananda is different than anywhere else; this year perhaps more than ever before, we need to take a moment to be grateful for what 2020 brought us, both joys and difficulties, and prepare ourselves spiritually to welcome the new adventure of 2021. At the end of the evening we will usher in the new year in meditation and listening to the gong; a tradition begun by Paramhansa Yogananda.
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Say goodbye to 2020 and greet 2021 along with your Ananda family. An evening of reflection, inspiration and depth!


01 January

10:30 – 11:00 New Year’s Message by Nayaswamis Kirtani and Anand in English in ItalianWith wisdom, humour, and deep attunement, Nayaswamis Kirtani and Anand will offer us guidance and encouragement as we face the opportunities of the coming year.
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A tradition at Ananda! An inspiring and uplifting message by Nayaswamis Kirtani and Anand, Spiritual Directors of Ananda Europe.


Sharing the Light with All

2 – 10 January

In the footsteps of Paramhansa Yogananda, avatar of Dwapara Yuga, let’s connect more deeply to his mission and realise it… together!


02 January

11:00 Yogananda’s Lasting Legacy: A Divine Plan for the evolution of our planet in English in Italian“O Bharata (Arjuna)! whenever virtue (dharma) declines, and vice (adharma) is in the ascendant, I incarnate Myself on earth (as an avatar). Appearing from age to age in visible form, I come to destroy evil and to re-establish virtue.” – Bhagavad Gita
Rarely does God send to earth a fully-realized Avatar. When He does, we rejoice!  In this evolutionary transition between the old Age of Materialism and the new Age of Energy, Yogananda is here, and we with him, to help a fearful and confused human race embrace new dimensions of life and consciousness.
While avatars are messengers and initiators, they leave it to their followers to attract the blessings and earn the good karma of following in their footsteps – like the master artist who makes the original sketch of his painting, and the students in his bottega fill in the colors and details.
This morning’s  satsang, freely available on Facebook Ananda Live and Ananda Europa YouTube channels, includes insights from long-time disciples Shivani, Anand, Manu, Clarita, Arudra and Mahiya about some of the most immediate aspects of Yogananda’s legacy and how they contribute to our own evolution and that of our planet.
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In preparation for the celebration of Yogananda’s birth 127 years ago, we want to cherish the inheritence he left us and consider the ways in which we ourselves can become torchbearers, continuing to live and share the Master’s legacy in present and future generations.


05 January

6:30-8:30 Special Meditation for Yogananda’s Birthday in English in Italian
Yogananda said that the blessings of a great master are even more present on the anniversary of his birth. Let’s celebrate Yoganandaji’s birthday together in deep meditation. This will be a guided practice, with Cosmic Chants, inspirational readings and periods of silence.
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 Satsang: “I am the vine, you are the branches” – Staying connected with Master in English in ItalianWhile a Master is obligated by divine law to always love and sustain his disciples, they in turn are not so constrained, but have the free will to choose whether to stay connected or, like the Prodigal Son, to go astray.
We all want to stay as closely connected to Master as possible, and in this birthday-satsang we will gather together on Zoom for an interactive satsang with a number of Yogananda’s devotees from various European countries and life-situations, as they share their experiences regarding the challenges of staying connected inwardly during meditation and in the throes of daily activities.
Sharing from Ananda Assisi will be Kirtani, Uma, Narya and Shivani, and many others from the extended Ananda family in Europe.
Entra nella riunione in Zoom
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A sharing from many devotees about the challenge we all face of staying connected to Master in life’s manifold situations.

17:30 – 19:00 The Yoga of Yogananda with Jayadev in Italian
This hour-and-a-half practice session in Italian is led by Jayadev, director of the European School of Ananda Yoga, and is based on his newest book: The Yoga of Yogananda.
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20:30 Yogananda’s Birthday Celebration in English in Italian Paramhansa Yogananda had a world mission: to inspire all souls with love for God and to share the teachings and practices of Kriya Yoga. He was sent to the West by Mahavatar Babaji to teach this sacred technique which can bring us to the direct inner experience of God’s presence. During this beautiful evening, we will share his uplifting vibrations through music, reading his words, stories from his life, and a devotional ceremony.
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An evening dedicated to attuning ourselves to the great Master, Paramhansa Yogananda.


06 January

7:00-8:30 Special Epiphany Meditationin English in Italian
An opportunity to open our hearts and enter into the inner Light, following the steps of the Wise Men as they sought the baby Jesus. The meditation will be guided, and includes chants, readings and periods of silence to help us go deep.
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19:00 Satsang with Nayaswami Jyotish and Deviin English in Italian  Nayaswami Jyotish is the successor of Swami Kriyananda, and he and his wife Nayaswami Devi are the Spiritual Directors of Ananda worldwide.
In their satsangs they combine depth with humour; wisdom with love and idealism with practicality. And most of all, they share a sense of deep friendship and support with devotees all over the world.
The meeting will be interactive on Zoom. If you would like to submit any questions before the satsang please feel free to send them to
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Meeting ID: 987 8338 3069
Passcode: light108
A wonderful opportunity to draw on the immense wisdom and practical advice of the spiritual leaders of Ananda Worldwide.


09 January

11:00-13:30 Kriya Initiationin English
Initiation in the First Kriya in English. To register and receive the links, click here.



Light of Hope – Nayaswami Kirtani and Anand

How to truly love – Jayadev

Freedom in compassion – Nayaswami Uma

How to develop calmness – Manu

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Happy Birthday, Yogananda!

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