Include Yogananda in your Will

Yogananda’s mission lives in us,
and through us it will reach to future generations.

Yogananda was born at the beginning of the ascending Dwapara Yuga. His mission was to resurrect truth and justice from their near-demise during Kali Yuga, and to usher in the Age of Energy.

His mission included inspiring millions through his talks and writings to seek Self-realization; teaching the science of Kriya Yoga as a means to attaining that realization; demonstrating the unity between science and religion, between East and West, and between original Christianity and original Hinduism; establishing schools for the all-round education of children; and developing self-sufficient world brotherhood colonies in many countries based on the principles of simple living and high ideals.


Kriyananda's Legacy

Swami Kriyananda furthered Yogananda’s mission with over sixty years of devoted service. In his will he wrote:

My legacy to Ananda is spiritual in nature, primarily, and consists of the teachings, ideals, and vibrations that I have received from my Guru.

His legacy is comprised in his myriad talks, writings and musical compositions, establishing spiritual communities in accordance with Yogananda’s vision, and in the hearts of those in whom he instilled the love of God and Guru.


Yogananda’s teachings circle the globe thousands of times every day, touching people’s lives in nearly every country on earth. Every year over 140,000 people attend Ananda temples, meditation groups, centers, and retreats in North and South America, Europe, India and other countries.

Over a million people visit Ananda’s online resources annually, enjoying satsangs, learning how to improve their lives, preparing themselves to receive Kriya initiation, training to become meditation, yoga and Education for Life teachers, becoming channels for divine consciousness.

"The legacy of Paramhansa Yogananda is that consciousness which will change you and make you as he was. There is no greater glory that you can give him than to become more and more like him, not in his mannerisms, but in his devotion, his joy, his ability to see everything as Divine Mother’s play. Nothing else matters."Swami Kriyananda

A non-profit foundation was incorporated at the end of 2023 for the express purpose of continuing Yogananda’s mission in Europe now and into the future. Donations while living, and bequests to the foundation in one’s will, will be channeled exclusively to non-profit Ananda Associations in Europe and around the world. The funds will support, on a project-by-project basis, Ananda-based schools, communities, meditation centers, academies and institutes, homes for the elderly, orphanages, monasteries, the publication of books, films and music, and many other initiatives.

The founding members include Ananda’s original pioneers and representatives of the next generations.

Pictured are founding members Kirtani, Anand, Shivani Arudra, Mahiya, Gopala, Deodan. Not pictured: Narya, Darshan. Ananda Sanagha for Self-Realization is also a founding member
The foundation papers were blessed by a ceremony in Swami Kriyananda’s bedroom, in the presence of Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi.

Yogananda’s legacy lives in us, and through us it will reach to future generations.

Yogananda’s mission continues to this day. His teachings will influence the history of humanity far into the future. As his devotees, as those whose lives have been transformed by his guidance and touched by his love, we have an opportunity to participate in his far-reaching mission—now, and even after we will leave this incarnation.

Explore the possibilities

To learn more about the possibilities of including the Yogananda Legacy Foundation in your will, and contributing to it during your lifetime, contact Dott.ssa Avv. Radhika Francesca di Scenna.