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Fun video: The Adventures of the Inner Self

August 5, 2022

????‍????????????‍???? Are you ready for the most fantastic and thrilling journey humans have ever experienced? ????‍????????????‍????
If you are, board your starship and jump to maximum warp speed: Kriya Yoga will be your propulsion, it is the most advanced engine in the world, the only one capable of taking you "where only a few have gone before"!! ????‍????????????
Great souls, a little fun fact about Star Trek:
Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, gave an interview to a young actor (who happened to be a disciple of Yogananda????). The actor saw a copy of the Autobiography on a shelf behind Roddenberry's desk and asked him, "Have you read that book?" He replied, "Read it? I got a lot of my ideas from there. The thought of 'teleporting people' came from the chapter 'The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar'." ????????
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