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Interview with Nayaswami Sudarshan

Nayaswami Sudarshan
June 20, 2020

1:09 How I received my spiritual name

4:30 How I became a Nayaswami

7:00 Why and how I sought Seclusion

9:57 An interesting lesson on Meditation

12:30 The story behind the booklet I wrote about Seclusion

15:56 God writes our agenda, not us: is seclusion possible , when you are so busy?

19:27 Stories of some miracles during seclusion

24:55 A funny story about a Sunday Service given to wild animals

27:18 What do I do in seclusion

31:10 Further experiences in seclusion/ Stories with animals

35:28 Stories about animals and the Astral world

42:38 About Journaling

46:19 Is a Geodesic dome recommended?

50:09 My involvement in building the Temple of Light

52:55 How I did come to Ananda

1.01.47 When did I move to Ananda

1.04.30 The fire

1.07.45 Stories with Swami Kriyananda