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How to Live a High Energy Life - Q&A

Nayaswami Shivani
February 11, 2020

by Nayaswami Shivani

18:33 - When you are faced with a set of difficult circumstances
or unpleasant people or are grappling with a problem, is that a high-energy situation or is it a low energy situation?
20:29 - What does it mean to bring more energy into a relationship
23:04 - How to deal with people
or situations, that act as energy vampires? At times we just cannot avoid them, but they lower our energies none the less.
25:31 - Fear drains a lot of energy, how can I deal with fear?
28:16 - When I have a high flow of energy my work efficiency increases and my need for sleep decreases. 2-4 hrs of sleep seem sufficient. What is the right approach to sleep during that period?
30:38 - How can I sustain that high level of energy or inspiration when I touch that?
31:58 - When I live with high energy, seems that more troubles come to me, is that right?
33:40 - What do I do if I come up on a block, like doubt, in my intention to live a high energy life?
37:53 - Could you share an experience when you first came in the
spiritual path which taught you how to rise your energy?
38:55 - Is there a story of Swami Kriyananda which comes to mind as an example of living a high energy life?
42:42 - What is the right use of my will?
48:02 - I am in a situation where I am with people who are not inclusive or encouraging. How do I keep my energy high around those people?
49:57 - I start my work well but in the later hours I start becoming irritable and short tempered. Please help.