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Ananda Yoga to Awaken the Chakras with Gyandev McCord

Gyandev McCord
March 4, 1995

Gyandev McCord has helped develop and refine the Ananda Yoga system and has shared it across the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe and India.

Gyandev is also a founding board member of the Yoga Alliance, the non-profit organization that has developed standards for yoga teachers nationally.

He has several Yoga DVD's. One entitled "Yoga to Awaken the Chakras" is available from Crystal Clarity publishers.

If you have ever wondered exactly what "chakras" are or how best to work with them? Then "Yoga to Awaken the Chakras is for you!" This video, meant for people of all ages and levels of fitness, will quickly and gently introduce you to these life-changing practices.