In Autobiography of a Yogi, the term Kriya appears well over 50 times. The materialization of a golden palace by Mahavatar Babaji for the Kriya initiation ceremony of Lahiri Mahasaya, is one of the most memorable images from the book, one which peaks the interest and sometimes the ancient memory of this sacred science.

One of the main areas of Ananda Sangha’s service is to help people as they transition from curiosity about Kriya to experiencing the joys of its actual practice.

Over 2000 people have made that journey, and each year, even during the Covid lockdown (and in many cases thanks to it) well over 100 people receive their Initiation.

As implied in the very meaning of the word “initiation”, a new, challenging and joyful part of the journey then begins. It is at this point that “Kriya Sangha” becomes a major point of reference.

The circumstances of 2020 kept the Sangha staff at home, and we were able to achieve the long-desired goal of having a Kriya section on the Sangha website where resources from the 1970’s onward, and from Yogananda, Kriyananda and other Ananda Kriyacharyas could be gathered and easily accessed.

This goal was achieved in June, 2021, thanks to the heroic efforts of our webmaster Vayu and content coordinator Mihai. All Kriya initiates, from Europe and around the world, now have free access to these precious materials, with newly discovered items from the past and freshly recorded activities regularly posted.

Another new dimension of Kriya Sangha has been activated this year with weekly guided Kriya meditations, monthly satsangs and advanced courses available through zoom in both Italian and English. These activities have helped to create a global Kriya family that embraces initiates from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. In this way we keep in touch with each other, and keep our Kriya practice fresh, dynamic, and deeper with ever-new insights and inspirations.

by Kriyacharya Shivani

Words are inadequate to express to you the Self-Realization-producing vitality of this Kriya Instruction. Whether you understand the theory or not, if you conscientiously practice this Super-Technique, your all-accomplishing power of concentration will increase, and creative inspiration and ever-new, ever-increasing happiness will be at your command.
–Paramhansa Yogananda