When you’re 800 meters above sea level, spring appears slowly….
But then a miracle happens!

With the first rays of sunshine our first guests arrived and, like happy swallows, they finally filled our Centre with energy, vitality, warmth and joy.

Rather rusty from being closed for so long, but happy to finally be able to return to our favorite “Live” activity: making you happy! We had a very successful start, with 50 guests the first weekend!

A group of young people came to experience a program dedicated to discovering their talents, and with enthusiasm and participation gave us many inspiring and unforgettable moments.
Many new people, eager to discover who we are and impatient to experience an alternative way of living – inside and out – followed a very special course, on the theme of this campaign: Hope for a Better World!
Future Ananda Yoga teachers were finally able to leave their computers and webcams (after many courses from their yoga mat at home!) and return to study at Ananda!

The most moving moment for me, was the choir concert: the first one in a long, long time in the Temple of Light. Swamiji’s music and words united our hearts as one. We celebrated the joy of being able to welcome back our spiritual family and so many new friends.

Ananda is like a green meadow where beautiful, unique flowers of a thousand colors and sublime perfumes are blooming again. These flowers are you, Great Souls!

From all of us, thank you for your Divine Friendship. May the Masters bless you,