Recently, Mayadevi, Darshan, Jayadev, and Ruby embarked on a tour to meet our German Sangha. Their destination was the serene and picturesque Klosteroase, a century-old monastery nestled north of Freiburg. It was here that they shared the profound teachings of Self-realisation with German devotees who came from all over for this long weekend retreat.

From Wednesday to Friday, Mayadevi and Jayadev led a powerful Kriyaban retreat, offering, for the first time in a long time, the sacred initiation into Kriya Yoga. This event marked a significant milestone for the German Sangha, as such a gathering had not occurred in many years.

From Friday to Sunday, all German devotees joined for a weekend retreat filled with deep spiritual practice, ample time for satsang, uplifting activities, classes, and workshops. Highlights included a heart-and-soul-touching concert with Swami’s music in the church of the convent and a Sunday Service. The theme, “Master of your energy, master of your life,” resonated deeply with everyone, fostering a deeper understanding of the teachings of Self-realisation and the power of working with one’s energy in every situation in life.

This weekend was more than just a retreat; it was a celebration of unity and harmony. The bonds formed, the joy and cheerfulness shared, highlighted the immense value of divine friendship and a sense of community within the Ananda family. Everyone left with a full heart and gratitude for the power of satsang and the joy of sharing this path to Self-realisation.