The new Temple has always been a project that looks to the future: to all the new people who will come, to all the courses, classes and satsangs we would like to hold there, to the new level of consciousness we want to bring to the world in this new era of dwapara yuga, to the doors of expansion it has opened for the community. 

To bring to light the profound meaning that this project carries, we thought it was time to give it new energy and a new step on its journey. 

And it was born: Temple of Joy: Polestar of Awakening. 

How did it happen? It was very natural, after some guessing on what the new slogan could be to accompany the success of this project, the words simply fell into place: Polestar of Awakening. An ever-shining light that illuminates our path to awakening in God. 

When we pronounced the words for the first time we were silent for about two minutes thinking ..mmm… it is beautiful!

And here it is. From today the Temple of Joy is a Polestar of Awakening for all the devoted and sincere seekers of truth, all over the world. 

Jai Gurus