Building our house!

After chasing this project for three years and crossing an ocean of bureaucratic difficulties, finally, what so far seemed only an idea is manifesting in this material dimension.
The location is magical, about halfway between Swami’s house and the Temple of Light. The view is breathtaking; the famous Ananda sunsets with a view going from Perugia to Gubbio.
The house will be a “green building”, made in wood and built according to the principles of the ancient science of Vastu or Vedic architecture. What we want to create is much more than a house. Rather, we want to create a place of high energy, healing and upliftment to be the custodians of. Our intention is to add another piece, another note in the energetic fabric of the Ananda community, and we are infinitely grateful for this opportunity.

Radhika and Shantidev

The fundaments are done

The house arrives

The building proceeds very quickly