A few week ago a little group of us stuck their heads together to breed over the theme for Christmas and the holy-day season this year. What would be a good message right now, what does the world need? Well, the answer came pretty quickly and clearly: Union. Union born from love, from inner peace, from a joyful heart. When could the original meaning of yoga be more important than now?

The time we are living in is marked from separation and polarisation, but the Light of Union shines brightly in every soul that understands the true message of Christmas: union with the Christ consciousness. The more we are in contact with that deepest and truest essence within us the more will we be able to share love, share joy, share peace all around us.

Thus both the Ananda Sangha Europe team and the Ananda Assisi Retreat Center designed together a calendar rich of inspiring events and courses both online and in person to invite you all to journey with us evermore in that light. Every week is dedicated to a different soul quality with special morning meditations. On Facebook and Instagram there will be an advent calendar that will accompany us every day until Christmas and other beautiful blogs and videos to lift our hearts up to the Lord!

Alone we are just a little flame of light but united together we are a vast ocean of light, so we hope to be able to spend this holiday season with you and invite the omnipresent Christ in our hearts and souls so that the world may receive more and more the Light of Union.

Have a look at the calendar and see you soon!

Ruby for Ananda Europe