Dear Friends,

As many of you may know, Ananda Edizioni has recently reincarnated under the new name Yogananda Edizioni. The publishing house is only at the beginning stage of its growth process, but that youth brings with it an avalanche of fresh, beautiful and dynamic energy.

For example, we are putting new energy and inspiration in our facebook postings. Don’t miss the wonderful inspirations that are posted daily, with tender loving care.

You will find so much beauty.

Three new and wonderful publications are coming up soon:

 “YOGODA“, a practical and profound book on Yogananda’s Energization Exercises, with many previously unpublished texts by Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda. It is a gem for understanding this transformative practice in depth. A yogic journey of present awareness awaits you. The book should become available in late September.

– Not much later, hopefully in October, another literary gem awaits you: “Living the Autobiography of a Yogi“, by Jayadev and Sahaja. They have extracted from the Autobiography the most significant and important sentences, like aphorisms, 108 in all. Each sentence is expanded and explained in the larger  context teaching of Yogananda’s teachings. Exercises follow, allowing us to put this valuable teaching into practice. And an affirmation by Yogananda on the topic is always offered at the end. You will experience and live the Autobiography of a Yogi as never before. Each statement is studied and practiced for one day. So 108 days of soul growth await you. 

– We are also working on the publication of a very important book for Ananda Sangha. It is called “Lightbearer” (title to be defined in Italian): a book by Nayaswami Asha that tells the whole development of Ananda, year by year, and how Swami Kriyananda guided, inspired, manifested its development. This book offers profound new insights into the teachings. You have never met Swami Kriyananda as you will meet him in this masterpiece. 

The harvest is plenty and many “laborers” are needed. If you feel like being an active part of the Yogananda Edizioni publishing house and would like to become a “Friend of the Books,” you can visit here:

Nandini, who leads the publishing house, greets you all, with love, and in the name of the entire Yogananda Editions team. We are here to serve you and to serve the Light through books. 

Your friends at Yogananda Edizioni