Lately there a lot of creativity has been happening in our Meditation Art Atelier& Workshop. We are in the small village of Morano Madonnuccia – Borgo Rajarshi as we call it, about 3 minutes by car from the Ananda main Center.

Our Light Sculptures and Yantras are a unique, new expression of  ancient knowledge regarding the effect on space and consciousness  and resonance of Light, Color, Geometry. Hundreds of people around the world (we have shipped to 22 countries) have shared their testimony of the beneficial and inspiring effect of this works.

astrological line

Right now, we are working on developing an astrological line to provide an additional visual instrument to balance and enhance the effects of the different planetarian energies. We are still missing out on 3 Planets (Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) but soon these will be available as well.

We also have developed free wave form light Sculptures of a more contemporary style which has been quite appreciated.

Our New Lotus Series

Our new Lotus Series, Classic Yantras developed in a dimensional astral flower form, such as Sri Yantra, Gayatri Yantra, Lakshmi Yantra, OM and the Spiritual Eye: these are shining by now in many homes, Yoga Centers and studios around the world.

Being in the creative process often means forgetting time and space, and as we enter this focused, meditative space, we feel that this Light Sculptures and many more to come want to manifest through us. Our job is just to serve as instruments.

Next time you are in the area come by and visit us.

Shantidev, Radhika and Mauricio