In this period of profound global transformation, where it is increasingly clear that change is a fundamental part of life itself, of the evolution of the human being and of the planet, there is no more time nor the desire to “patch up” old foundations.

The present requires a new energy, a different awareness, where compromises become unacceptable.

What road do we want to take then? Protecting a known but no longer functional way of life, based on greed and selfishness, a way of life where everyone thinks and protects his own little plot of land is not the solution.

New emerging realities and models of life, that support the growing international community of awareness, rich in spiritual values and on the wave of a completely eco-sustainable vision, are the future. Today they are increasingly making their way as small beacons of light in the darkness.

The business world is also called to change, towards a new example of business in lieu with high values, in connection with the deepest desires of the soul.

In Sanskrit Deva means to celestial or enlightened and Ananda means Joy. These two qualities, of personal enlightenment and joyful living, are the Polestar that guides our lives and the message we want to share as a business.

Our deepest understanding is that life is a manifestation of energy that binds us to each other by an invisible thread; and that what surrounds us has the power to influence our inner life and, therefore, the collective as well.

Ananda Deva thus aspires to become a leader in the promotion and expansion of the best products for the complete well-being of each person, consciously giving space and priority to local producers and new emerging realities in line with our values and aspirations and supporting alternative self-sufficient communities as a new model of life.

In fact, we firmly believe, ourselves following these principles in our daily lives for decades, that living in community is the solution for the new emerging world, our world!

We wholeheartedly hope to have the support of old and new friends in working together to building a new reality.

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