Priya Alessandra Gorgeri from Siena shares her experience

In a world like today’s that is full of challenges, I believe that the greatest need for each and every one of us is to feel we are not alone, that there is Someone who loves and guides our steps beyond all obstacles.

The Path that I have followed now for many years and my studies that have enabled me to attain greater awareness have helped me understand the importance of sharing Master’s message of love with others.

In fact, I received my diploma in Raja Yoga which allows me to teach and share Yogananda’s teachings with others by way of satsangs and courses.

I do, however, believe that in order to share Master’s message, it is necessary to be an example by putting his words into practice daily. Yogananda himself said: “Example is the best teacher.

I have realized that the more I meditate, the more I am connected to Master’s vibrations, and the more people I know come to me for help to learn how to deal with their daily challenges. It is then easy to tell them about Master and his teachings and how joyful it is to be in tune with Him. Then, what I ultimately hold in my heart is seeing a smile light up in their eyes. As Yogananda says:

O Silent Laughter – smile Thou through my soul. Let my soul smile through my heart. And let my heart smile through my eyes.
O Prince of Smiles! Be Thou enthroned beneath the canopy of my countenance, safe in the castle of my sincerity, where no rebel hypocrisy can lurk to destroy Thy presence in me.
Make me a smile-millionaire, that I may scatter Thy rich smiles freely upon sad hearts everywhere!