Ananda Francophone (AF) recently concluded an introductory on-line meditation course delivered in French for a group of participants from: France, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium.

The Introductory Course to Meditation class series was 5 weeks long, with a one and a half-hour session every Wednesday night on Zoom. Its content was collectively designed by 6 instructors from Ananda Francophone.

From left: Hansa, Benjamin, Alba, Karuna Devi; Second row: Antoine, Draupadi

The format of the course was intentionally dynamic and included small breakout groups, theoretical lessons, demonstrations of key practices (energisation, pranayama and Hong Sau) and a guided meditation at the conclusion of each session. Each week, participants were given homework which helped them to put into practice what they had learned and experienced.

Break out groups were used in different ways throughout the course, either at the beginning or after plenary presentations. They gave participants the opportunity to share their experiences and created an atmosphere of dialogue, which helped the instructors tailor the theoretical components of the class and respond to questions which may have come to light during the week.

Each class was facilitated by Karuna Devi acting as MC (Master of Ceremony), which served as the thread that weaved the entire program together into a rich tapestry. Other members of Ananda Francophone took the lead to deliver the course content and guided the group in practices & meditation. The organisation of the course was as follows:

  • A free introductory session on the benefits of meditation with an introductory practice, where all instructors played a role.
  • Class 1 – The Foundation of a Good Practice led by Antoine et Draupadi
  • Class 2 – Energy and the Hong Sau technique led by Alba et Benjamin
  • Class 3 – Overcoming Obstacles and Deepening Your Practice led by Hansa & Karuna Devi
  • Class 4 – Consolidating our practice – a fully interactive session, with each of the 6 instructors facilitating a small group and leading one part of the final guided practice.

This format gave Ananda Francophone the opportunity to make this a real collaborative effort. Each team member brought their unique tone and vibration, enriching the experience of all who attended.

In the many aspects which made this program unique, one stands out above all: through this course the teaching of the Hong Sau technique has found a new voice et c’est magnifique!

With the support of the Ananda European Sangha, this was the first time that an Ananda class series has been delivered entirely in French.

The overall success of this program motivates and encourages us to continue serving the French speaking world in this way.

Comments from the participants received by survey, anonymously:

“Thank you and bravo for your initiative, for the quality of the Introduction to Meditation program, and especially for the inspiring spirit that animates your team.”

“Simple yet motivating.”

“A very clear and informative introduction to what the practice of meditation is. I received answers to all my questions. A warm and nurturing environment that makes you want to continue…”

“It was not only the classes that inspired me, but also the conviction and radiance of the practitioners.”

“I appreciated the guided practices and the time for discussion.  It was great to get feedback on our experience with practices and to receive tips and tricks from the instructors.”