It’s finally October 5th, and after 2 whole years Darshan is with us once again!
We have all been through a long period of physical separation from our friends and our spiritual family. It was a forced separation which, however, produced a beneficial effect: the realization of how important it is that we are not alone on the path toward our spiritual goal.
The entire group awaited this moment joyfully and enthusiastically. Those who already knew Darshan and Ananda were able to renew their devotion, love and enthusiasm. Those who were not yet familiar with this particular aspect, participated with sensitive curiosity which is already bearing its fruits. In fact, right after Darshan’s visit, the newcomers asked for the possibility to learn how to meditate, so we organized a weekend in which they were able to learn the energization exercises and meditation technique. As a result, they immediately requested discipleship, which will be granted soon.
It was a beautiful evening! The energy that flows during these events is always very strong and full of expectations, and Darshan, once again, did not disappoint the group.
The topics chosen, “How to be a yogi in the world and bring hope for a better world”, could not have been more pertinent given the historic times that we are living in. Especially for those who have never had the possibility to look at situations from a point of view other than mental, were greatly affected by this topic.
Of course we couldn’t leave out Darshan’s violin and Swamiji’s music that filled the room. The silence was perfect, and I could see from people’s expressions how moved and touched they were.
Thank you Darshan for your indefatigable energy of love and sharing! We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Thank you Swamiji! None of this could have ever happened without you.
Thank you Ananda, beloved spiritual family!