Not long ago Borgo Rajarsi was born, a small village near Morano Madonnuccia where three community businesses are located. Bio in Love was the first shop to be opened, a mini market with delicious organic products, yarns and much more, born from the initiative of Vinaya and Ranjit. Thanks to them, every day we are supplied with delicious, wholesome and delicious products that enrich our tables, bringing awareness of proper nutrition. All their products are in fact certified organic.

Next to them we find Candela Amica, a wonderful example of manufacturing a specific product that radiates a lot of light: the candle. When you enter the shop you have the feeling of being enveloped in a wonderful rainbow. Their candles express so many qualities that you are spoilt for choice! 

Fragrances, colours and magnificent sensations envelop the whole environment creating an atmosphere of beauty and care!

Art is one of the most precious vehicles of expression and Meditation Art fully reflects this. A workshop filled with light and symbols of sacred geometry awaits you at Shantidev’s. Shantidev has created this new form of expression through light sculptures, which significantly raise the energy of the environment and help create beauty and harmony wherever they are applied. This type of art, which uses light and age-old symbols from the tradition and culture of yoga, lends itself to any environment and produces a strong increase in vibration and energy. 

All of this is located in a very small village, just a few minutes from the Ananda centre, a place that expresses a very practical character, all the activities in fact have a commercial purpose and each one interfaces with many clients every day, either in person or through the web. 

Each of them has been able to express and skillfully combine the business aspect with the more intimate aspect of the spiritual path, creating unique businesses that carry the message of the inner quest, harmony and discipleship with joy and dedication to many people who through them know a new way of life and a new message.